Smart Actions

Actions are a set of commands which can seamlessly work with Smart Replies , on receiving a message you can instruct the picky assist smart replies to take multiple actions based on your business requirements. Like Make A Call Back , Add Customer to a Category , Remove A Tag , Add Customer into a sequence, Create a Support Ticket and more.

Adding An Action

An action can be added against each question by clicking the + icon as shown below;

Selecting Action

List of Available Actions

Trigger Webhook

Give dynamic replies from your application like updated balance, updated score etc.

Webhook Set in the Smart Replies will get triggered

Send Email

Send an email informing your agents about user interactions. Include message history also.

You can click attributes to include any data in the email like customer name, mobile , message history etc

Send Message

Send SMS or WhatsApp message to agents about the conversations till now

You can specify while channel to be used to send message like whatsapp personal , business , sms , enter mobile number along with country code without + or 0 , add more number by separated by comma.

Sent to Zendesk

This will help you to create a Zendesk Ticket only if any of the smart reply question is matching, for example keywords like "help" "human agent" etc then you can create a ticket in the Zendesk

Please make sure in your Zendesk App you have configured the Push Action as Smart Replies

Sent to Zapier

When this action is configured it will send the incoming detail to Zapier to perform actions as configured in the Zap.

Send Whatsmail

This action will help you to Send a WhatsMail only when an incoming WhatsApp message matches the smart reply question

Please make sure in your WhatsMail settings you configured the Push Action as Smart Replies

Pause Smart Replies

This will temporary pause smart replies for the time set by you, useful for human takeover and live chat

Select the pause duration from the drop down starting from 30 minutes to 120 minutes

Add Tag

This will add a tag to the subscriber

Select the available tag from the list , can add multiple tags

Remove Tag

This will remove tag from the subscriber

Select the tag which need to be removed against the subscribers, if no tags are found no action will be taken.

Add to Category

This will map subscriber to a category

Remove Category

This will remove subscriber from a category

Subscribe to Sequence

Auto subscribe customer into a sequence for drip campaigns.

Unsubscribe From Sequence

Unsubscribe customer from a sequence


Add a note / update against the subscriber. Can view and update notes from Social CRM -> Subscribers -> Notes.

Black List Number

This will add the incoming number to blacklist.

Can view and remove the blacklisted subscribers from Settings -> Black Lists

Add To Opt Out List

Add the contact to one or many opt out lists for unsubscribing or withdrawing from a marketing or promotional campaign, service, or mailing list.

Remove From Opt Out List

Remove contact from the selected Opt Out list.


This action helps you to route a customer to the Teambox for human assistance whenever the question is matched like "help" "human agent" etc then you can route the customer to the Teambox for human assistance. Read More

Route to Connector

This will route the incoming message, mobile number to the Picky Assist connector to take advanced filters, delay and actions which are configured in the Connector.

Add contact to Chatbot

By adding contact to chat bot we can use smart reply to trigger a flow we have created.

Select the chatbot from the list. Tick the checkbox to trigger chatbot even if contact already in flow/campaign.

External Attributes

By passing external attributes we can pass all the attributes and thus personalize the conversation.

For example if a person wants to know about the company and messages a hello the smart reply will directly trigger the chatbot and we can pass the dynamic values to the user and thus personalize the conversation.

Select new templates

This is a predefined message where the smart reply will send default to the contact if the key word is matched.

Click the select new template button it will show a popup with all types of created templates and an option to create a new template. By clicking on the Remove template button customer can remove selected template from smart reply. Read more

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