Setting Up Zendesk

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Getting Started

Login into your Zendesk Support Desk

Then go to Market Place and search for Picky Assist

It re-directs to the app and give a "Title" to identify the Channel in Zendesk, you can rename this

Integration Completed

Configuring Channel Integration

Add Picky Assist Account

Login into Picky Assist Account

Select Picky Assist Project to Connect with Zendesk

Picky Assist Channel Integration it Completed, you need to do the settings in Picky Assist Account.

Configuring with Picky Assist Project

Now you need to configure the Zendesk App Settings in your Project

Login into your Picky Assist Account

Select the project which you are connected to the Zendesk

Click on Settings -> Apps -> Zendesk (Widget) -> Settings (Button)

A popup will open on the screen where you can configure the Settings


You can decide messages from which channel need to be pushed to your Zendesk Integration

Push Action

Here you can setup 3 actions based on this the incoming messages will be pushed to Zendesk

  1. User Smart Replies

  2. Send All Messages to Zendesk

  3. Dont push any message to Zendesk

Use Smart Replies Don't overload agents with tickets which are in repetitive nature, lets the smart replies handles frequently asked questions 24 x 7 without any agents. Convert the conversation into tickets only if bot unable to answer a question or user prefer to get answers from a human. If this option is selected then you need to configure smart replies by enabling "Smart Actions" to send message to Zendesk conditionally.

This option gives the power to push the message to zendesk conditionally, it's a good option if you have smart replies configured and want to push messages to Zendesk only when certain conditions are met as below;

  1. Matched a keyword like "Live Human Assistance"

  2. Smart Reply not able to understand the user dialogue (Default Reply)

In the message field you can customise the informations you want to push to Zendesk by using the "Attributes"

{{mobile}} replace with the current user mobile number {{current-user-reply}} replace with the current message from the user {{message-histroy) this will include the message histroy between the selected dates, this helps to maintain the conversation context and agent is aware about the conversation had with the answer bot.

Send All Messages to Zendesk This will send all incoming messages to Zendesk without any filters

Dont push any message to Zendesk This will stop pushing any messages to Zendesk

24 Hours Window in WhatsApp Official & Default Template Feature

Those who are using Zendesk with WhatsApp Official channel are likely to face an issue related to 24 hours window i.e Session Period

If any messages are sends after the 24 hours from the last user message received is likely to fail because of the user is not in the 24 hours contactable window as per the WhatsApp policy, in order to handle this situation we have introduced a new feature from May 11, 2022 onwards which allows you to select a default WhatsApp template with one dynamic value and this dynamic value will get replaced with the exact message;

How it Works?

Let's say that you are using Zendesk Support Desk and a user sends a message on Friday Night and your team backs on Monday morning and replied to the ticket the in normal case the message sent by your team will fail as the 24 hours contactable session is expired for that contact.

When you configure the default template the system will automatically replace the dynamic value with the exact reply of your agent and send it as a template message. So in simple if a message is failed because of "24 Hours Session Issue" then our system will automatically convert the message and send it as a template message.

Important Information

  1. Please request a new template which contains only one dynamic value, templates which have more than one dynamic value will not displayed to select the default template

  2. Works only Text template

  3. If any media files are found in the original message then a link will append at the end of the message

  4. New Line if any in the original message will be replaced with comma followed by a space (, ) because WhatsApp template message don't allow to send new line in the dynamic variable

  5. If more than 4 continuous space found in the original message between each word then will be trimmed to 4 space as WhatsApp Official template message don't allow more than 4 space between words.

  6. If the original message character count is more than 1024 character then only first 1024 character will be send in template message as WhatsApp don't allow sending more than 1024 characters in a template message , so make sure you communicated this to your help desk agents

  7. Draft the template in a way the users are likely to give a reply message which will open the 24 hours window and message restriction won't be application during the period

  8. If you want to disable this feature then please remove the default template selection and save the settings.

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