Two Factor Aunthentication


Two factor Authentication (2FA) is like an additional security system that will offer a two step authentication process which will first ask for scanning a QR code and then an Authentication code. This helps in an additional protection of your account.

For Example, In an organization with one admin and five agents and if you want to add an additional security layer to the admin account and your agent account you can implement two factor authentication, this helps the admin to make the whole account secured and also have control over the agent access.

Before Getting started

Remember to install any Authenticator app from the play store or app store in your mobile, for example Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator etc.

Getting started

  1. First we need to login into your picky assist account and go to profile and enable the 2FA option.

  1. Then you will get an option to scan a QR code and a 6 digit OTP will appear on your mobile screen which you will need to enter in the below box.

After the verification a successful pop up will appear.

Now whenever you login by entering the username and password the System will ask for the Authentication code. Authentication code will be shown in the Authenticator app which will be changing every 30 second. This is applicable in our extension and Mobile App.

How to enable 2FA for agents

We need to go to more menus->organization>users>add user> Enable 2FA.

For an already existing agent the admin can forcefully Enable 2FA.

Organization> users>manage users.

Please find the below pictures.

After updating the 2FA settings the agent will be asked to scan the QR code when they try to login next time.

Agent Manually Enabling 2FA

The agent can go to there Picky Assist account and enable the 2FA on there own by going to

Profile > View profile> Enable Two factor authentication.

If by chance the admin account got any authentication issues then the admin needs to contact with us at for recovering the account.

Disabling 2 FA

When you try to disable the account then Password will be asked.

If the admin has forcefully enabled the 2FA then the agent canโ€™t disable on its own, User will need to contact the admin to disable it.

If the agent has enabled the 2FA on its own then he can disable it any time after entering the password.

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