Uploading Bulk Questions
If your question and answers are in excel or csv sheet you can easily upload it so that you can avoid manually typing the questions

To get started with bulk upload first ensure that your question and answers are in an excel sheet in 2 different columns , you can even specify the category name in the other column but make sure the category name in the excel sheet is same as in your smart replies
Click on "Upload" button as shown in below
Uploading File
A popup will appear as shown below , you can drag and drop the excel or csv sheets or click to select from your computer
After uploading the excel sheet you have to map the questions, answer and category in the excel sheet by selecting the correct column name
Select the Column Name against Question, Answer & Category
Download Sample File
Currently we dont have the option to enter intents and question variations through bulk upload feature so after uploading you have to manually do this, we are in the process to add the same at the earliest
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