Connecting Multiple WhatsApp Numbers into Zoho CRM

Step by step guide to add more than one WhatsApp number into your Zoho CRM account

From 1st Feb 2023 onwards we support adding more than one number into the Zoho CRM account for customers who are using our Ultimate plan, you can add either WhatsApp Web Automation or WhatsApp Cloud APi and each number will cost you $19 per month or $199 per year

Kindly note that Multiple Channel features work only in the Picky Assist Ultimate plan and costs you extra

The first step is to login into your Picky Assist account then navigate to More Menu -> Settings -> Channels and click on the "Add" button and connect more Channels

Once the channel is connected then you need to go to Settings -> Apps -> Zoho CRM and click on Settings from the settings, you need to enable the newly connected channel for Zoho CRM Widget as shown below;

Sharing Channel with all Zoho CRM Users

Here you can see an option to share all channels with all users if you wish to share all your channels enabled for Zoho CRM then you can simply tick this option and all your Zoho CRM users able to see all the channels you selected here

Conditional Channel Sharing

If you wish to share a WhatsApp number conditionally with your Zoho CRM users then you need to create more users in your Picky Assist account and map each Zoho CRM user id against each user in the Picky Assist

To create a user go to Main Menu -> Organisation -> Users, and click on "Add" a popup will appear where you need to fill in the details and you will able to see a field called "Zoho CRM User Id" as shown below

Getting the User ID

You can get the Zoho User ID here Click on the tools icon at the top right corner-->Setup-->Users & Control--> Users--> click on a user's name and from the top URL bar you can see the numeric user id as shown below;

Sharing the WhatsApp Channel with Zoho CRM Users

In order to share a WhatsApp channel with Zoho CRM users you need to define a role against each Picky Assist user, to create or make changes to the role, login into your Picky Assist account then navigate to Settings -> Organisation -> Roles

Then enable the channels you would like to share with the role as shown below;

Please make sure that user users in the Picky Assist are mapped with the correct role and Zoho CRM User id in order this to work as it should be

Changing the Role of a User

If you wish to change the role of the user then go to your Picky Assist account -> More Menu -> Organisation -> Users and select the user whom you would like to update the role, then from the popup change the role as shown below ;

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