Math Calculation

Perform Add Subtract Multiply Divide

Math Calculation in the Connector is used to perform following calculations based on each situations

  1. Add

  2. Subtract

  3. Multiply

  4. Divide

This helps you to multiply 3 numbers together to find a value for an example if you have a hotel booking form and want to give an instant quotation via WhatsApp whenever a new form is submitted. It can simply multiple 3 values together against a static value like room rent per day x number of days x number of adults. This value can be stored into a variable and able to use it in the connector steps.

Setting up Math Calculation

To setup math calculation go Formatter -> Select Math Calculation from Formatter Type as shown in the below image;

Now Select the Action Type you want to perform from the drop as shown below

Now Input the values you want to calculate in comma separated format i.e each value should be separated by a comma, you can use the attribute to select a value from the 3rd party event.

Kindly note the each number should be separated by comma, if you want to add multiply 3 number together then use 1,1,1 the result will be 1

Now give a name to the variable in the field "Store Converted Result to" this name will be available in the attribute field for selections.

Testing the Result

After mapping the numbers you can click on the Test Button as shown below and it will show the result on the screen as show below

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