Adding Records into CRM

Learn what are the different options available to add data into the Picky Asist CRM

Adding Records:

Once a module is set up and the necessary permissions are granted, users with access can start adding records into the module using the form provided.

For a speedy and efficient record creation, users can use the 'Quick Add' feature, accessible from any page. Here's how it works:

  1. Accessing the Form: Hover over the CRM menu located on the left sidebar to open the dropdown menu. Click on the CRM, and you'll be presented with a list of your modules.

  2. Quick Add: Look for the '+' button adjacent to the module in which you want to create a new record. Clicking on this button will initiate the 'Quick Add' feature.

  3. Entering Data: A new form will slide out from the right side of the screen, as shown below. This form corresponds to the module you chose for adding the record. Simply fill out the required information in the form.

Remember that the fields you see on the form are determined by the setup of your module. All required fields must be filled in before you or the users can save the record.

  1. Saving the Record: After all the necessary fields are filled, you can save the record. This new record will now be visible in your chosen module, accessible to all users with the right permissions

"Save & Add More Records" and "Save & Close" Buttons:

Picky Assist CRM offers two different buttons to manage your data entry efficiently. Here's what each button does:

  1. "Save & Add More Records": Clicking on this button saves the data you've entered into the form and opens up a fresh form for another entry. This is particularly useful when you need to input multiple records consecutively, streamlining the process by saving you from having to manually open a new form after each submission.

  2. "Save & Close": Clicking this button saves the data you've inputted and then closes the form. This is useful when you've finished entering data and want to return to the module or dashboard.

By offering these two separate functions, the system caters to different workflows and usage scenarios, making the process of entering and managing your data as convenient and efficient as possible.

This 'Quick Add' feature enables fast and efficient data entry, helping you and your team to add new records into the system without having to navigate away from your current page.

Resizing the Form & Moving:

Picky Assist CRM system is designed with a focus on multitasking, user convenience, and workflow efficiency.

By default, the system loads the form as an inline pop-up on the right side of your screen. This approach allows you to continue viewing records or working on other tasks without interruption.

Here's how you can adjust the size and position of the form:

Resizing the Form:

  1. To adjust the size of the form, simply select the horizontal or vertical edge of the form with your mouse cursor.

  2. Click and drag to resize it according to your needs. This flexibility allows you to optimize the form size based on the amount of information you need to view or input.

Moving the Form:

  1. To move the form within your screen, click on the form's header.

  2. Drag it to the desired location.

The movable and resizable form becomes particularly useful when you are interacting with a customer in Teambox, or another module, and simultaneously filling a form in a different module. You can copy and paste data from the chat or another record directly into the form without needing to switch windows or tabs.

These features reflect our commitment to offering you a seamless and efficient user experience that significantly enhances your multitasking ability and productivity.

Resetting the Form Size to its Default Position:

Picky Assist's CRM system is designed to remember your preferred form size and position for each module on your computer. This means that you don't need to resize or move the form every time you open it, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

However, there might be instances when you want to revert the form to its original size and position. In such cases, here's what you can do:

  1. Locate the "Reset Form Position" icon at the top of the form. It appears as a square or rectangle with an arrow, as shown below.

  2. Click on this icon.

The form will instantly return to its default size and position on the right side of your screen. This feature gives you the flexibility to switch between your customized layout and the system's default layout based on your needs and preference.

Adding Records from Chatbot Flows

Picky Assist CRM is designed to minimize the data entry process, enabling data to be added to a module from various sources beyond manual user input. If you have a chatbot flow designed with Picky Assist's No Code Flow Builder, it's possible to automatically add records to the respective module. The chatbot can ask the users questions one by one, and then save the responses back to the respective module automatically. This feature allows you and your users to focus more on work, thereby increasing productivity.

Chatbots can also function as an auto-fill feature. For example, let's say a customer requests a quotation via email and postal mail over the phone. Later, you find that the CRM lacks the customer's email and postal address. In this case, you can trigger a chatbot to automatically collect this information and save it back to the respective customer module records. This convenient feature helps keep your records up-to-date without requiring manual data collection and input.

Read the below article to learn more how to save data into CRM from Chatbots

Saving Data into CRM

Adding Records from 3rd Party apps using Connector

We recognize that businesses utilize numerous software platforms, with data flowing in from diverse sources. That's why we've integrated a no-code connector into Picky Assist, capable of seamless data transmission to and from any source. This empowers you to effortlessly add data to your Picky Assist CRM module from external sources, ensuring your data is synchronized and allowing you to utilize our conversational CRM capabilities to the fullest.

Within the Connector, you'll find a new step titled "Add Data Into CRM." Simply choose the module you want the data added to and map the fields to the incoming data from the third-party application.

Consider these business scenarios:

  1. Web form Integration: Connect your website forms directly to Picky Assist. This will allow you to automatically capture and store data in the respective CRM modules, ensuring no data is lost in translation.

  2. Google Forms Integration: By integrating with Google Forms, you can set up an automated process that creates a new record in your CRM each time a Google Form is submitted. This direct link removes manual data transfer, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

  3. Facebook Ad Form Integration: Seamlessly integrate your Facebook Ad forms to automatically capture leads and store them inside your Picky Assist CRM. This keeps all your leads in one place, making management and follow-ups a breeze.

The possibilities are infinite with Picky Assist Connector and Modular CRM. Whether you are syncing data from various third-party sources or centralizing all your business information, we're here to ensure you have a smooth and enriching journey. Experience the future of data management with Picky Assist, where innovation meets inspiration.

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