Extension for Zoho CRM & Teambox

This guide helps you to setup Google Chrome Extension for Zoho Products & Picky Assist Teambox


  • Works with All Zoho CRM Modules where data field is Mobile or Phone

  • Works with Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus & Zoho Bigin All Versions

  • Integration into Zoho CRM Sales Signal Notification for Quick Navigations

  • Deep Linking with Picky Assist Teambox, lauch Teambox from Zoho CRM

  • Feature to add Country Code Prefix if the Zoho CRM data is not added with Country Code

  • Mobile Number length validation to dynamically validate length of the home country

  • Mobile number sanitisation like removing 0 from beginning, stripping spaces, hyphens etc from numbers

  • Supports WhatsApp Web & Desktop with the option to choose the default app


  1. Zoho CRM, CRM Plus, Bign Free or Paid Version Or Picky Assist Teambox

  2. Google Chrome Browser Installed with the Extension

  3. Logged into WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Dekstop App

Compatibility with Zoho Products

Currently this extension is compatible with following products of Zoho CRM.

  1. Zoho CRM

  2. Zoho CRM Plus

  3. Zoho Bigin

Getting Started

Simply install the Google Chrome extension from this link then reload the Zoho CRM Webpage and you will start seeing the icon's as shown in the below image wherever the data field is mobile or phone number. Simply click on the icon to open the respective app in a new browser tab

Make sure you are logged into the WhatsApp Web / Desktop or Teambox

Settings in the Extensions

The extension have a setting page where you can save your preferences which helps you to decide how the extension should work in different situations as explanined below;

The Settings can be opened from the extension and pin the extension to open it's settings as shown below;

Default App

You can see 2 options here as shown below;

If your computer is installed with WhatsApp Desktop App then please select WhatsApp Desktop so that it will open the WhatsApp Desktop app instead of opening web.whatsapp.com

Number Validations Settings

This is useful for those who are saving mobile numbers without country code, this works along with the exact length of the mobile number settings, let's understand with an example;

Example How it Works

In India (Country code 91) the mobile numbers are 10 digit long so with country code the number becomes 12 digits

But in the Zoho CRM if you have saved only the 10 digit of an Indian mobile number then it will not work with WhatsApp as WhatsApp needs country code as well to send messages, so in this case you need to configure the settings as below;

Country Prefix : 10

Length of the Mobile Number without Country Code : 10

Now wherever in your Zoho CRM the phone number length is equals to and below than 10 then the extension will auto append the country code 91 which makes the number compatible with WhatsApp

If the length of the mobile number is above 10 digits then the extension will not prefix any values to the number so that it will work with other numbers which are saved with country code

Kindly note that the extension auto sanitise the number starts with 0, contains hypen (-), brackets ( ) , between numbers after that we checks the length of the number, if your number is in this format +1 (234) 343-434 we convert the number to 1234343434

We don't change any values in your Zoho CRM, if you have numbers from many countries then we always recommed to save the number along with country code

Difference between Chrome Extension & Zoho Extension

Apart from the Google Chrome extension we have a native Zoho CRM extension in the Zoho Marketplace which offers more seamless integration and features than the Google Chrome Extension, here is the comparision to quickly find the difference

Zoho CRM Native ExtensionGoogle Chrome Extension for Zoho CRM

Offered as Paid Adon

Free to Use

Need to Install from Zoho Marketplace inside Zoho CRM

Install from Google Web Store as an extension to the Chrome Browser

Works with any browser and mobile devices

Works only with Google Chrome browsers

Personalisation of message possible using the Zoho CRM values

Not possible to get any values from Zoho CRM, supports only extracting the mobile number

Opens inside the Zoho CRM as widget

Opens in a new browser tab

Auto lead/contact creation when new contact messages you

Not supported

Notification of incoming message to the Record Owner - Sales Signal

Not Supported

Integration into Zoho Workflow

Not Supported

Track Message histroy

Not Supported

Authorisation Needed

No Authorisation needed

Works Only with Zoho CRM & Zoho CRM Plus

Works with Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus & Zoho Bigin

Round robin Lead Allocation when new contacts send messages on WhatsApp

Not Supported

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