Please follow the below guidelines in order to avoid template rejections.

Not Allowed Message Types

  1. Including any type of exclusion contents in the Image or PDF

  2. Message templates with spelling mistakes will be rejected

Templates contain potentially abusive or threatening content

Some examples of this include the following:

  1. Message templates that threaten customers with a legal course of action will be rejected.

  2. Message templates that threaten to add customers to a WhatsApp group with their friends and family to shame them if they don't pay back their loans will be rejected.

Tips for Fast Approval Process

In addition to the above, please consider the following to accelerate the approval process.

  • Please pass the Sample Contents for dynamic messages also for media templates please pass the sample url of the media, make sure the media can be viewed publicly from the URL

  • Make your message template name clear. Instead of using a name like "template_014," use "bus_ticket_details".

  • Remember that someone outside of your business will be reviewing your templates. Providing more clarity gives reviewers context around how the template will be used.

  • Dont request floating variables i.e {{1}} - {{2}} Surround the dynamic variable with textual information so it's clear what will be inserted.

  • Make sure the dynamic variables are indicates correctly i.e {{1}} in the message templates, the dynamic variable should starts from 1 and you can have any number of dynamic variable in the template.

If you need to write a message template to re-open the 24-hour window, we would suggest starting with some mention of the previous conversation thread. For example: “I'm sorry that I wasn't able to respond to your concerns yesterday but I’m happy to assist you now. If you’d like to continue this discussion, please reply with ‘yes’.” or “I was able to do some follow-up based on our previous conversation, and I’ve found the answer to your question about our refund policy. If you’d like to continue our conversation, please say ‘yes’.”

The above guidelines is prepared based on our experience and we dont guarantee whether all your templates get's approval if your follow the same.

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