Phone Bridge ( Call Blaze)


Phone bridge is basically used for tracking and storing all the phone calls made directly into our CRM. This enables the tracking of calls in real-time and directly updating that to the CRM. By enabling this channel we can directly track all the calls made from your phone, such as the duration of the call, how many calls came both inbound and outbound, and how many chats are missed. About all of this we can have detailed information stored with us. The system automatically logs all call records in the phone call logs, providing a comprehensive record of communication activities within the CRM platform.

For example, In an Organisation, the follow up action is very important so by enabling our Phone Bridge feature we will be able to track the calls of all the agents and we will have complete information about the number of calls made, the duration of the call, calls received,missed calls all these can be tracked and thus we can make sure that the agents are following up all the calls and thus we can make sure that all the leads are followed up and thus no opportunity will be wasted for the organization.

Before Setting Up

We need to install the Picky Assist app from the playstore.

Getting Started

To configure the Phone Bridge feature, start by logging into your Picky Assist account. Navigate to the More menu, then select Settings and go to Channels. Finally choose Phone Bridge to set up the desired preferences.

Global Settings

Global settings are the main settings and according to the settings we have enabled there the phone bridge works.The whole phone bridge settings will work according to the settings enabled in the global settings.

Please follow the steps mentioned below

In the Global Settings, ensure to enable the status button. If you are enabling this status button then only it will work.

The Status Button defines the status of the phone bridge channel, that is if you are disabling this the channel won’t work.

To Add users you can go to more menus-organization-users. Here we will be able to add the users. All the users who have logged into the mobile app will be listed here. From here you can select the desired user.

Call Tracking

It is one of the most important feature and here you can track all the calls of the user and under the call tracking option you will have three options.

  1. Let User Decide,' allows users to choose the SIM card from which calls should be tracked. For example consider the case in which the user has two sim cards then let user decide option allows the user to choose which sim needs to be tracked.

  2. 'Track All Calls,' grants permission to track calls from both SIM cards in the mobile device.Here system will track calls from both the sim in your mobile.

  3. 'Track Specific SIM,' enables the tracking of calls specifically from a selected SIM card. Here if you are having two sims in your phone then by enabling track specific sim the calls from only the selected sim will be tracked.

Add Contact

By enabling this all the inbound calls you receive will be directly added as a contact in Picky Assist. But if Add contact is disabled then the calls won’t be added and when you turn it on the calls will be automatically added.

Follow Up Action


If it is enabled you will be able to follow up the customers by creating a task for a customer.

Trigger connector we can directly push events into the connector by creating a connector from there and thus further automation can be done. For example, consider the case of a call not answered here. We can set you a follow up message for that contact by using the connector or we can Trigger a chat bot from there and thus add a contact to a sequence in the follow up action.

User Setting

In the 'User Settings,' you can review all the information and settings previously enabled in the global settings option.

All the users added in Global settings will be shown here and here in the user settings we can customize the users according to our need by clicking on the edit option. Please see the picture below.

By clicking on the edit option against each user you will be able to edit the settings for each user according to the customization you require and then you need to click on update.

Under the Devices option you will be able to see all the devices of the users who have logged in under the admin.

In the last option labeled 'Stats,' you can view the total number of calls, (inbound calls, outbound calls, missed calls, call duration). Please see the picture below.

We can see a detailed graphical representation of the total calls made by the agents.

We can see the total incoming calls graphical representation.

We can see the graphical representation of the total outgoing calls.

Agent wise call table here we will be able to see the agent wise call tracking for inbound calls, outbound calls and the total calls.

Agent wise Call here you will be able to see the agent wise Dialed, Answered and Missed Calls.

Agent wise Call Duration Here you will be able to see the duration of the calls by the agents. You can adjust the time to be in seconds, minutes and hours according to how you want to view.

You can go to more menus> organization> users here all the users under you will be listed and you can also create users from here.

When you click on manage you will be listed with all the permissions settings for user.

Call Logs Module

In the CRM we can see all the calls logs duration and the respective agents under the module call logs and further automations can be done by using the Work Flow. For example we can add the follow up actions for the calls not answered situations by using workflow.

Here we will be able to see the the Call Duration, the Sim used to make the call,the status of the call, Call direction(inbound or outbound), Call start time, Call end Time.

For example by seeing the Call log Module Admin can see all the details of the call made by the users under him such as the call duration, from which sim they have made the calls,the incoming calls, outgoing calls, call start time , call end time etc.

We can also add record by bulk importing and if you are importing then under the source it will be shown as import.

In the 'Permission' settings, users can selectively grant permissions to agents, such as disabling public read and public write to restrict access to specific information for enhanced privacy and security.

Setting Up call Blaze in your mobile App

We need to install the Picky Assist app from the playstore and then enable all the settings.Make sure to allow all the settings before installing the mobile app.

Login to your Picky Assist account> Profile> View Profile> Devices>Add Device and click on Add device and a QR code will appear.

When logging into the Picky Assist mobile app,You will get an option to either login directly by putting in your email id and password or you can login by scanning the QR code and you will be able to login and another window will appear with the device connected.

Click on the navigate button located at the top left corner, go to 'Settings,' and under the 'Phone Syncing' option, choose which SIM card to sync with the app. You can either select both SIM cards or choose a single SIM based on your preferences.

Here we need to select the sim for configurations and you can select which sim you want to connect with Picky Assist

In that you need to click on click here to view configuration and then another window will be opened.

Click on Configure option to configure the sim you have selected and when you do that another popup will open where you will be asked to dial 111 to configure the sim from which the call is made.

After making the call another pop will come up.

You need to click on the save button and then close this pop up and the sim you want to be tracked will be connected.

Quick Actions

Copy to clipboard is enabled then the number will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Receive Notification ' when enabled, delivers notifications on your mobile screen for inbound calls, outbound calls, missed calls, rejected calls, dialed calls, and provides call duration details.

'Dialer, when enabled, automatically copies the number to your phone's dial pad.

Follow up when enabled it will automatically enables the follow up task for call not answered numbers (Please note that this will only function if you have granted the 'Display Over Apps' permission)

Now every time we make a call a pop up will come in our mobile.

Mobile App Permissions Required

Please note that there are some permissions required which are required for the mobile app which are listed below. Please make sure that the permissions for call logs and phone should be enabled.

Notification, Microphone, Phone, SMS, Call logs must be enabled all ways. Display over other Apps should be enabled for follow up actions

In the 'Settings' option, choosing the 'Delete' option will log out a specific agent from the app and remove all enabled permissions.

This functionality allows users to force an agent's exit from the app if needed. Opting for 'Logout' will log the user out of the app, while selecting 'Disconnect' will disconnect the channel.

In the Teambox all the contacts will be automatically added.

Call Blaze Menu

The call Blaze Menu can be accessed from the right hand side of the Menu Bar in the Desktop as well as the Mobile app. By using this all the incoming, outgoing calls can be listed. In case of an agent if they are granted the permissions then accordingly they can also view the call details from the right hand side of the Menu bar.

Here by selecting filter we can filter the calls and know on which day how many inbound or outbound calls were made and we can click on apply filter.

By clicking on the Dialer option you can directly start adding the number. Here if you are adding the number then the call will be directly forwarded. Please see the pictures below.

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