WhatsApp Status Update

Update your WhatsApp Status through API

This feature is currently not supported for WhatsApp Web Automation due to the recent changed by WhatsApp Web Versions


This API allows you to post WhatsApp Status Message programmatically using the API which helps you to post Image, Video, Text as your WhatsApp Status.

Important Notes

The status will broadcast only if your Privacy status is enabled, who can see your Status, make sure it's always set to "My Contacts" under the WhatsApp -> Account -> Privacy -> Status

The Status will work only if the contact is stored in both phones i.e your contact should be saved in your customer contact and your customer contact should be saved in your phone. There is no option to delete the Status through API, however you can edit / delete manually from the phone anytime. Supports Only Image/Video/Text for the status update and text character will be around 1000 (may vary), you can add emoji in the status text

When you add text & image/video the text may not be clickable however if you post the status only with text then the links are clickable.

When you post text message status there is no option to change the background color so the default theme color will be the background color.

If you have a huge contact list then status sending may take la onger time and may lead to the slowness of the phone which may affects the automation.

API Variables

API Variable




Your API Token






Public URL of your Video / Image

Optional if the text is not blank


Base 64 code of the Video / Image

Optional if the text is not blank


Status Text

Optional if media or media_code is not blank

Endpoint (Only POST Method)


Sample Request

	"token": "c81f742bea5e68a5213ec1afcc03a6a3d3b",
	"application": 10,
	"media": "https://pickyassist.com/img/gateway/gate_thumb.png",
	"text" : "New Product Released, For More Details https://pickyassist.com"



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