All About Facebook Messenger

  1. 1.3 Billion Active User Across the World

  2. The most downloaded App in the Apple Store

  3. Messenger adds Approx 700k new users every day

  4. 85% Mobile App Users Use Facebook Messenger Daily

  5. Messenger is the the most popular messaging app in US & Canada

  6. There are 300000+ Active Chatbots are use on Messenger


  1. Automated Communication with Smart Replies

  2. 80% more engagement chances than email or phones

  3. 70% CTR Rate than Email

Availability & Features

Currently in beta and first released on October 30, 2019 and available to all picky assist customers without any extra charges. You can connect Facebook Page as a new Channel with Picky Assist to Automate Messaging and make use of picky assist core features like Smart Replies, Live Chat etc.

Broadcaster & Sequence Automation will not work perfectly with Messenger due to 24 Hours Window restriction from Messenger, however we will integrate very soon with Broadcaster & Sequence to communication within 24 hours window.

Our Facebook messenger integration is in its first phase so we dont support following features of Facebook messenger

  1. Sending Quick Reply with Buttons

  2. Loading 3rd party URL (Webview) inside the Messenger

  3. Sending & Receive Location (Under Integration)

Don’t worry in every week we release new update for Facebook Messenger and soon we will cover all the features.

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