Steps help you to take different actions based on different conditions, you can create upto 50 Steps with different filter conditions, delay and actions to automate many tedious tasks.

If you want to send birthday greetings in 5 languages based on the customer country or language settings then you can do this using Multiple Steps, you can create 5 steps and each step will have a filter to check the customer language and have action to send message in different languages.

A step have 4 components Filter, Delay, Action & Stats as shown below;

When an event enters into a step it start executing the components as per the order it saves, you can drag and change the components order the way

Changing the Order of Components in the Step

You can change the components in the step easily by drag and move so you will have the flexibility to execute the delay first then check for filter and take actions, or you can first take action then filter some data and delay further steps

Naming the Step

In order to easily identify what action it performs you can name it by clicking the “Step Name” and entering the Name.

Deleting Step

On clicking the delete button will delete all actions and filters associated with a step

Adding More Steps

You can add more steps to perform complex filters, actions and delay as per your business requirements

Changing the Step Order

The step will be executed in the order how it's saved and displayed, you can change the order by click and drag it

Once the action order is changed please make sure all the filters if any in the actions are re-configured correctly to avoid executing wrongs actions.

Cloning the Step

You can easily clone and existing step by click the icon as shown below and this helps you to save your time building the filter and action again from the scratch, instead you can simply clone any steps and make necessary changes to the cloned step

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