Extension for Sending WhatsApp Messages from any Webpage

Getting Started

This extension helps you to send WhatsApp, SMS, Email & make Calls from any webpage by just selecting the mobile number or email

Using Picky Assist Connector it’s also possible to take a series of automated actions on the selected mobile number like Sending a Business Proposal via WhatsApp, Add Tag, Add to CRM, Assign Chat to A User , Add to a WhatsApp Group and 20+ Actions

This extension works with all chromium based browsers and you can install it from Google Web Store for free

Country Codes

WhatsApp, Calls, SMS needs a country code to take actions but if the number you see in a webpage is not with the country code then our auto append country code helps you to automatically add the country code as configured by you and the impressive part is that you can add as many as countries codes as per your targeted countries

Just enter the country code separated by comma as shown in the below image;

When you select a number you will see the actual number added with all the country code you have added here, based on your target country you can select the number to perform further actions


Templates help you to save time by adding the most frequently used messages, you can give a template name and add a message

These template names will be visible when you select a number and you can simply click the template name to perform actions


Connectors helps you to send the selected mobile number or email and current webpage url , title to Picky Assist Connector to take a series of actions configured in your Picky Assist Connector

You can give any name then add the Connector URL copied from your Picky Assist account.

Whereever you see a Mobile Number or Email Address simply right click and select "Picky Connector and Select the Connector" you would like to trigger, this will send following informations to your connector and make sure your connector is configured in a way to receive the data and take actions accordingly

User Identifier for Connector

If you have your internal employees who are using this extension and want to track them, then you can ask them to add any unique value here like their employee id, email address, phone number etc which helps you to identify the user who triggered the event, helpful for mapping leads to specific user and take customised actions based on each user event.

Variables passing to Connector

Below are the variables which will pass to your connector whenever a user triggered the event from a webpage

title = Title of the web page from the trigger happened

url = URL in which from the trigger happened

phone = phone number you have selected

email = if you have selected an email then this will available in this variable

user = if you have configured any value in the "Identifier" this will

If you wish to pass any more custom values then you can append the same at the end of your connector url in query string method like https://pickyassist.com/connectro/custom?name=john&company=picky assist

Integrating Connector with 3rd Party (any) Webhook URL's

The connector works with any webhook url's as well so it's not necessary that you should have a Picky Assist service to work with the connector, if you are using automation platforms like Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect then you can still use their webhook URL's in our extension and achieve automations capabilities what these platforms are offering to you.

We use POST method and send the payload in JSON format, if you are giving any response back to the trigger request then same will be shown to the user who triggered the connector as a "Dialog Box" in the browser You can test it with Webhook.site

Browser may block cross domain requests and non HTTPS so kindly make sure that your webhook URL is enabled with the cross domain support Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

If you are facing any issues then please ask your developers or system administrators to do the needful, you can check in the browser "Developers Mode" console for errors. We may not able to help you with 3rd party Webhook which are not working due to this policy.

See a possible solution

Calling Apps

This is where you can configure what all calling apps should be shown to you when you select the "Call" action by default only the "System Default" app will be shown i.e for MacOS the system default calling app is "Facetime" unless you changed it

If there will be a situation that you need to make call from multiple apps like a long distance call via a VOIP Provider and local calls through your mobile number then you can enable the required calling apps from this option and only the selected calling app will show in the "Call" action

Kindly note that your computer must be installed with these calling app software in order to work this feature, for example if you would like to call a number through Skype then make sure the Skype app is installed in your computer.

If you don't see your favourite calling app in this list then don't worry please request this as a feature through this form and if the calling app supports deep linking then we will get this released in our upcoming versions for sure

Installation Guide for Other Chromium Based Browsers

This extension works with any chromium based browsers apart from google chrome you can see the installation guides on popular browsers as below;

1) Microsoft Edge (Only Chromium)

2) Opera

3) Vivaldi

4) Brave


If you wish to provide any feedback that needs improvements then kindly use this form to let us know

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If you need any support then please send an email to support@pickyassist.com

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