Widget Appearance

Here you can customise the widget color to match your website color theme.

Widget Style

You have 3 Style to choose to grab attention of your visitors as shown below , based on your site theme you can choose the best suited one

Setting Widget Size

Here you can specify the widget size , background color , widget attention grabber top and bottom corner radius etc

Maximise Height & Width

The height and width you specify is for when the widget is expanded.

Minimised Height & Width

This is only applicable if you select the 2nd option in the Attention grabber in which you can configure the height and width

Top & Bottom Radius

Background Color

This is the widget main background color

Message Text Color

This is the widget main text color

Configuring Bubble

Bubbles will help you to seek attention of your site visitors , you can enable / disable the bubble and add text / image

You can either put a bubble message or upload your own image , if you have an image uploaded then bubble message will be ignored. If you have selected only bubble message then you can customise the background color and message text color

Setting Position

Based on your site layout you can specify the position where the widget need to be loaded

Message Background & Avatar

You can configure chat conversation message background color and text, you can also specify the chat avatar as shown below ,

After doing all updates please "Save" the settings , in case you would like to reset the Widget Appearance to default then click on "Reset"

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