Basic Settings

Getting the Basic Settings Configured

By default when you create a new project Teambox will have some basic settings pre-loaded however you can change this anytime as per your requirements, before creating users please complete the following steps

  1. Create a department if you wish to segment the users into different departments, it's possible to allocate chat based on departments

  2. Create Roles that help you to give different access privileges to different users you have, by default system will have a "Default Role" so make changes as per your business requirements

  3. Now create users, while creating new users you can assign departments and roles as per your requirements.


The department helps you to organize your users in a better way, you can create many departments like Sales, and Support and add more users into the department, and you will be able to assign a chat to one more department based on the customer query.

Creating Departments

To create a department got Settings -> Departments (Tab) and click on the +Department button on the right-hand side as shown below;

You can give a name to the department and if you have existing users then can map them as well into it, you can add or remove users from a department anytime you want.

Editing or Adding Users to Departments

At any point of time, you can edit the name of the departments, add or remove users into a department by clicking the “Edit” icon under Manage

A new popup will come as shown below where you can change the department name or add/remove users

You can see the number of users in a specified department in the Column name “Count” as shown below;


Roles help each organisation to create a different privilege that each user should have like you can give a user access to all chats or limit access to the chats which are assigned only to them, or can mask the sensitive data from a user, etc

Creating Roles

To create a Role click on Organisation -> Roles (Tab) then click the “+Add Roles” button on the right-hand side

A popup will open where you can give a Role name and Description as shown below;

You can enable the privileges which needs to be assigned to the "Role" and click on "Create Role" button

Once the role is updated the User needs to be logout and login to see the changes, so if you are adding new roles then please tell your users to logout from the Picky Assist platform and log in again.

Cloning Roles

For easy adding new rules you can quickly clone an existing role by clicking the Clone icon as shown below;


An administrator can create Users/Agents to allocate the incoming chats coming to different channels.

Creating New User

To create a user click on Organisation-> Users (Tab) then click on +Add User (Button)

A Popup will open where you need to fill in the details as shown below;

After filling in all the details click on the “Create New User” button and you will able to see a popup as shown below which contains the Login information, we automatically send an email to the user

You can also copy the details and send them through WhatsApp or any other medium.

Please note your users must log in into your workspace URL and login through Picky Assist normal login will not work for them, so always make sure that you login through the login URL provided by you for your organisation as mentioned above

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