Tags are similar to categories where you can tag a subscriber with temporary status which are likely to change like New Leads, Potential Lead, Not Interested, Contacted etc. Using the tag value you can further segment subscribers and send messages from the broadcaster.

Creating Tags

To add Tags Go to Social CRM -. Subscriber -> then navigate to right top of the page , you can click on the + icon as shown in the below image and enter a tag name and choose a color to identify the tag quickly;

Tagging a Subscriber

To apply tag to a specific subscriber , select the subscriber from the subscriber list and apply the tag as shown below, you can add multiple tags for a subscriber

Auto Tagging Subscribers

You can instruct the system to automatically tag a new subscribers into a specific tag , navigate to Social CRM -> Settings -> Settings (Tab) -> Tag Auto Subscription (Menu)
This feature is useful to segment leads / customers, for an example if you are doing an exhibition for 2 days and published your WhatsApp number to collect leads , you can create a new tag “New Leads” and map new subscribers into the “New Leads”, later you can send messages from broadcaster by selecting the subscribers in “New Leads” tag or can change the “New Leads” tag to “Potential” tag when your subscribers becomes a potential lead.

Auto Tagging Through Smart Replies

You can add tag against each subscriber using the smart replies action when the subscriber sends a particular messages
Select the available tag from the list , can add multiple tags

Filtering Subscribers Based On Tags

You can filter subscribers in a particular tag by selecting the tag from the right side as shown below, you can select multiple tags accordingly the subscribers list will get updated in the left side.