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You can get the list of subscribers from the Social CRM -> Subscribers
Subscribers Menu
A Subscriber means any persons who sends an SMS , WhatsApp or Missed call to your configured channel.

Listing Subscribers

All subscribers are listed in the left side as shown in the below image and sorted by the subscribed date, i.e you can see the new subscribers in top;
Listing Subscribers

Updating Name & Mobile Number

If your customers are subscribing via SMS , WhatsApp & Call then you see their mobile number as shown below
Mobile Number
If the subscribers are contacting through the Web Widgets instead of Mobile Number a unique id will be shown as below

Editing Mobile Number

You can edit name and mobile number on clicking the name or mobile number as shown below ; after editing click on the Save button to save the mobile number

Editing Name

Until you save a contact with name it will not update against the subscriber, you can click on the "No Name" to edit the name of the subscriber, once you filled the name click the Save button to update it.

Adding Tag & Category

You can quickly add tag and category against each subscriber by clicking the "Add Tag" or "Category" buttons as shown below

Deleting Subscribers

Deleting subscriber options is added with "Live Chat" menu so please navigate to "Live Chat (Alpha)" to delete a subscriber or perform bulk deletion of subscribers

Deleting Single Subscriber

To delete a single subscriber simply moue over to a particular contact and you will able to see a delete button as shown below ;
You can also search a particular number to delete , please input country code without 00 or + to search a number

Bulk Deletion of Subscribers

You can perform conditional bulk deletion of subscribers , to segment subscribers to delete Go to Top Right of the Live Chat page and click on delete icon as shown below;
On clicking the "Delete" icon a popup will appear on the screen which allows you to segment the subscribers to be deleted , you can choose the segment from the existing list or simply create list to delete


On clicking on a subscriber from the right side, the conversations will be load in the centre of the screen as shown below

Viewing Profile

You can view the subscriber detailed profile by clicking the Profile section which is arranged right to the conversations as shown below
Customer Profile

Profile View

On clicking the "Profile" an inline popup will show as below , where you can see Subscribed Date , Last Conversation Date , Stored Attribute Value , Subscribed Sequences etc
You can also edit the Attribute & Sequence Subscription
Profile View

Editing Attribute Value

All attributes created will be listed here and you can edit by clicking the value , once you updated the value click the "Save" button
Editing Attributes

Adding / Removing Subscriber Into Sequence

View the list of sequences which the subscriber currently subscribed to and you can add or remove subscriber from a sequence

Adding Subscribers

You can add a subscriber manually to a sequence as shown below, you can add multiple sequence by selecting from the drop down;
Adding Sequence Manually

Removing Subscribers

To remove subscriber from a sequence click on "Unsubscribe" button
Sequence Subscription


Notes modules helps you to take notes and save media files against each subscriber, you can take a to do list etc
You can click on "Notes" in the side panel and it will open a window as shown below, where you can update your note


Tickets can be quickly created and view against each subscriber by clicking the "Tickets" from the side panel
You can create "New Tickets" , "View Existing Tickets" , "Update Existing Tickets"
Click On "New Task" to create a new ticket and Click anywhere in the Subject to view the ticket details
You can also search ticket based on ticket status or "Ticket Subject"

Adding Subscribers Manually

This tool helps you to add subscribers manually into the Picky Assist Platform , you can add subscribers one by one or upload from an excel sheet.
A new popup will appear on the screen as shown below ;
You can manually add subscribers one by one by entering Name, Mobile Number with Country Code , Email & Channel
Please note the "mobile number" should be always added with the country code without "0" or "+" and "Channel" should be selected correctly i.e from which channel the user has optin to your number.
If you want to save extra parameters against each subscriber then you can make use of "Attributes" click on "Show Attributes" and it will list all available attributes created by you, you can create new attributes from the Settings section. Read More​
If you want to add more subscribers you can click on "Add More" which will enable you to add 5 more subscribers manually , you can keep adding more as per your requirments.


Actions help you to map the subscribers into certain categories, adding tags and add them into a specific sequence.
When you select the sequence to be added please make sure you have selected the correct "Channel" and the sequence you selected is enabled.

Uploading Subscribers through Excel Sheet

You can upload subscribers through excel or CSV files by dragging the file or uploading the file directly as shown below;
Maximum 10 MB , Only CSV, XLS, XLSX files are allowed to upload. The number of subscribers are limited as per your plan suppose if you are using small plan then you can upload only 500 subscribers similary unlimited plan customers able to upload only 5000 subscribers, so please check your subscribers count before uploading the excel sheets.
Please ensure your excel sheet don't contains any extra worksheets (tabs)

Mapping Excel Sheet Value to Picky Assist CRM Values

Now you have to map the excel sheet values into picky assist attributes correctly in order to start the uploading process, you will see something similar as shown below;
You will get a preview of your excel sheet data with a few sample values i.e 1st & 2nd Row data along with the column name as shown above.
Now you need to map the excel sheets by selecting the attribute from the drop down as shown above, please make sure the Mobile number field is mapped to the "Mobile" correctly.

Adding or Removing Prefix

In case if your mobile number in the excel sheet doesn't have the country code added then you can make use of Add Prefix and manually type the country code as shown below;
If you want to remove + or 0 from the number field then please use "Remove" and enter the number you would like to remove.
Don't forget to select the correct channel from the drop down "Channel" which requires to send and receive messages correctly. You can map the subscribes into a Category , Add them tags or Subscribe them into a Sequence as per your requirements.
Once you have mapped all the fields with correct values , please click on "Save" to add the subscribers to Picky Assist platform.
Please note if your excel sheet contains more than 5000 numbers the subscriber adding will be queued and process after sometime, so you have to wait till the subscriber updation is completed.

Exporting Subscribers

This feature allows you to export subscribers as CSV file, you can export subscribers based on various conditions, attribute values, tags, categories etc
To export subscribers please navigate to Social CRM -> Settings -> Export Subscribers (Tab)
A popup will open as shown below ;
You can filter the subscribers you would like to export and click on the "Export" button to download as CSV file. Please note if your total subscriber count is more than 2000 then the system will queue the download and will send an email alert when it's ready to download , you can also download it from Social CRM -> Settings -> Pending Downloads (Tab)