Categories are useful to segment customers as per the business needs, using the broadcaster tool you can send customised messages to the subscribers in a specified category / sub category.
Tags & Categories can be used together for better customer segmentation and management.

Creating New Category

To add Category Go to Social CRM -. Subscriber -> then navigate to right top of the page , you can click on the + icon as shown in the below image and enter your category name, you can also create a sub category under a main category.

Mapping Subscribers Into Category

From the Subscribers list you can map a subscriber to a specific category as shown below ; you can add a subscriber into multiple categories

Auto Mapping Subscribers Into Category

You can instruct the system to automatically add new subscribers into a specific category , for doing this you need to navigate to Social CRM -> Settings -> Settings (Tab) -> Category Auto Subscription (Menu)
This feature is useful to segment leads / customers, for an example if you are doing an exhibition for 2 days and published your WhatsApp number to collect leads , you can create a new category “Exhibition” and map new subscribers into the Category, later you can send messages from broadcaster by selecting the subscribers in “Exhibition” category.

Auto Mapping Categories Through Smart Replies

You can also map a subscribers into a particular category when a specific keyword matches or the subscriber asked certain questions, you can define this in the Smart Actions of Smart Replies

Filtering Subscribers in Categories

You can filter subscribers in a particular category by selecting the Category / Sub Category from the right side as shown below, you can select multiple categories accordingly the subscribers list will get updated in the left side.
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