Route to Another Flow

In certain situations, you may need to route a user to multiple flows. For example, when a payment is collected, you might want to route the user to another flow where you can gather detailed requirements and pass them to your team for further action. When routing from one flow to another, it is possible to pass all the data collected from the current flow to the destination flow in order to maintain the context of the conversation.

By seamlessly transitioning the user from one flow to another, you can ensure a smooth and personalized experience. The data collected in the current flow can be transferred to the destination flow, allowing for continuity and enabling your team to have access to the relevant information.

You can select the channel, select the flow and select the attributes and insert all the values that need to be passed to the other flow for maintaining the context of the conversation, the values passed from here to another flow will be available under attributes with named "Routed Flow Data" as shown below

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