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Comprehensive Opt out management


Opt-Out refers to the action of unsubscribing or withdrawing from a marketing or promotional campaign, service, or mailing list. The opt-out option gives individuals the ability to remove themselves from receiving future communications. This allows individuals to control the amount and type of marketing and promotional messages they receive from your business

Opt-out mechanisms can include options such as clicking an unsubscribe link in an email or replying with a specific code to a WhatsApp message. The goal of opt-out mechanisms is to allow individuals to have control over their data and the marketing messages they receive and to ensure that companies respect individual preferences.

Fully Managed Opt Out Solution

We provide a fully managed opt-out solution that allows companies to manage the opt-out preferences of their customers across multiple channels. This feature includes tools to track opt-out requests, store opt-out data, and automate the process of honoring opt-out requests to ensure compliance with privacy regulations. By providing this capability, Picky Assist helps companies manage their communication with customers in a way that is both efficient and respectful of their privacy preferences.

A contact can opt-out from each channel you configure in your Picky Assist account, also it's not necessary that the mobile number or email should be a contact in Picky Assist CRM to work.

Getting Started

Login into your Picky Assist Account then -> Left side Navigation menu More menu -> Settings -> Social CRM Settings -> Opt Out

You will see the screen something as shown below;

Overview of the opt-out list page

Create Opt-out lists

By default you will have an opt-out which is created by the system and that can't be deleted however you can create custom Opt-out lists with ease - Simply click the "Create New Opt List" button and a new popup window will load as shown below;




Opt-out list name

Name Your Opt-Out list anything you want Up to 50 Characters in Length.


Opt-out description

Give a reference to your opt out list to identify it later Up to 300 Characters allowed


Opt-out keyword

Create your own keywords for adding contacts to the Opt-Out list, whenever we receive this keyword from your users we will automatically opt out from the list Up to 50 Characters in Length


Opt-out message

You can display/send an opt out message when the user is successfully opt-out from your list Draft your message with Up to 300 characters in length


Webhook URL

If you wish to get the opt-out feeds to your software or platform then configure a valid Webhook URL here and we will post the details in the below JSON format whenever a contact is opt-out from this list


"opt_list_name":"Stop Automation Test", "mobile":1962580010, "email":"mainterrupt@gmail.com", "channel_id":101



Delete Opt-out list

If you wish to delete any opt-out list which is created apart from the default list then you can simply click on the 3 dotted menus and click on "Delete List" as shown below;

Adding or removing contact into an Opt-out list

You can add or remove contact i.e email or phone number in the following ways

1. Manually from the opt-out list

You can select the opt-list and a page will open as shown below where you will able to see all the contacts present in that specific list

To add a number or email against a channel please click on the "Add to opt-out list" button as shown above and a popup window will open as shown below





You can input with a valid mobile number

Mandatory if email is empty


You can input with a valid email id

Mandatory if mobile is empty


Select from the Drop-Down Menu to View All Active Channels Used on the Picky Assist Platform.


Removing Contact from an Opt-out list manually

You can remove a contact from an opt-list manually by clicking the delete button against each contact or can select multiple contacts to delete in bulk as shown below;

2. Manually from the Teambox

You can add or remove a contact from the opt-out list right from the Picky Assist Teambox in just a few clicks as shown below;

3. Manually from the right side global contact mini app

You can add or remove a contact from one or many opt-out lists from the contacts menu which is integrated into the right-side global menu as shown below;

Click on the Op-out List and add the email or phone number then click on "Add to Opt-Out List" as shown below

You will able to see all the list to which the contact is added as shown below;

Removing from the Opt-out List

To remove any contacts from the list, hover the mouse over the contact, and a trash icon will appear, click on it, and a confirmation dialog will be shown, select yes to confirm the deletion as shown below;

Keyboard shortcut to open Contact Mini App

Google Chrome on Windows: Alt + C, Google Chrome on Mac: Ctrl + Option + C

Mozilla Firefox on Windows: Shift + Alt + C, Mozilla Firefox on Mac: Ctrl + C

Microsoft Edge: Alt + C, Safari on Mac: Ctrl + Option + C

4 Automatically through Connector-> Actions

You can automatically add or remove a number or email using the Connector actions, this is helpful if you have another system to manage the opt-out and want to sync the data into the Picky Assist platform so that the users will not get any messages through our platform.

From the action you can search for "Opt out" and able to see 2 options as shown below;

After selecting any of the options you will see something as shown below, where you can configure the settings, click on the </> attribute to show all the data attributes to select email or phone number dynamically.

5. Automatically through Smart Replies -> Smart Actions

If you wish to automatically add or remove a contact whenever a user sends a specific keyword apart from your opt-out keyword then you can set up actions in the Smart replies against each question.

In the action you can see 2 options as below ;

You can select one or many lists to opt-out or remove from the opt-out list

Removing a number from one or many lists as shown below;

Selecting Opt-out List While Sending Messages

Whenever you are sending messages or emails you must select one or many opt-out lists to restrict sending the message or email to the contacts who are already in the selected lists

Don't forget to add the opt-out keyword in your WhatsApp Campaign and for email, the system will automatically add the unique link against each contact to opt-out

Selecting the Opt-Out list in Broadcaster

In Broadcaster, we have the option to select opt-out lists. Then while sending the message the numbers in the opt-out list will be removed from the sender's list. And in the report, the error message will be displayed against those numbers as ‘Optout Number’.

You will able to track the messages which are not delivered because of the opt-out list as shown below;

Selecting Opt-out list in Sequence (Drip Campaign)

While creating a new sequence campaign or if you have campaigns existing then click on the "Edit" icon as shown below

This will open the sequence settings and select the opt-out list as shown below;

Selecting the Opt-out list in Connector

When you are using Connector to send a message or email you have the option to select one or many opt-out lists so the messages will not get delivered if the contact is in the selected list.

Always remember to include your Opt-out keyword in all your WhatsApp Campaigns and in the email kindly include the unsubscribe link and select the opt-out list the system will automatically add a unique unsubscribe url for each email

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