Adding Contacts

You can add data into Contact Module in the following ways;

  1. From Mini Apps -> Manually adding One by One

  2. From an Excel or CSV Sheet -> Bulk Import from an excel or csv file

  3. From Channels -> Automatically adds Contacts when someone sends a Message

  4. From Connector -> Based on event happens in a 3rd party app like filling a Google Form etc

Kindly note that in order to add or manage a contact admin need to give enough privileges to the users, privileges can be updated from "Roles" page under Organisation

Adding Contacts from Mini Apps

A contact can be added easily from the contact mini app which is located in the global right sidebar of the page as shown below;

On Clicking the "Add Contact" Icon it opens a form as shown below;

Email or Mobile Number with Country code & Channel is mandatory, all other fields are optional

If you would like to open a newly added Contact into the Teambox for sending a message then after entering the Mobile Number with Country tick the option "Open Conversation in Teambox" as shown below;

Once the contact is saved the system will automatically opens the Contact in the Teambox and you will able to send and receive messages to the specific contact.

Auto Creation of Contacts

Whenever someone sends a message and they are not in your contact list then system will automatically add them into a Contact with the available informations

By default Admin will the contact owner until you sepcificy other wise in the Teambox routing rules

Importing Contact in Bulk

You can also import contacts in bulk from an excel or CSV file, for importing in bulk go to Contacts Module and click on the button "Bulk Upload" as shown below;

Step 1 -> Upload an Excel or CSV Sheet

  1. Make sure the file size is less than 10 MB

  2. The file contains maximum 25,000 records

After Upload the file click on "Next" as shown below;

Step 2 -> Setting Up Actions

In this step you can instruct the system how the contacts should be processed and any actions needs to be taken after the contact is uploaded into the CRM like automatically adding a Tag, Categories them etc

Contact Owner Mapping

The first step is to instruct the system who will be the Owner of the Contacts in the File, we have following options;

Allocate Automatically to All User Randomly

Select this option if you want to automatically assign the contact owner one be one (round robin method) for example if you have 100 contacts in the file and have 10 users in your CRM then system will allocate 10 contacts to each 10 users

Map From Excel / CSV Sheet

If this is selected then you need to make sure the uploaded file contain the email address of the Contact owner and you need to map this field in the next step so that our system can assign the owner to the contact based on the matching email address in your uploaded file, this is useful for dynamically assigning the contact owner.

In case if the user email not matching or no email address found in the column mapped by you then the system will add Admin as the contact owner.

Allocate to Specific User

This selection allows you to specify one or more users to allocate the contacts i.e the system will allocate the contact owner as per the users you selected here.

This is useful if have generated a leads which needs to be allocated only to a specific persons in your team etc leads collected from an event or exhibition

Contact Duplicate Processing

This is where you need to instruct the system how the duplicate contacts should be processed

Add As New Record

When this option is selected it will add the records in the excel/csv sheet as new records in your CRM, it can remove duplicates if you sepcificy the duplicate based on Email or Phone field

Update Existing Record

This helps you to update an existing records in the CRM based from excel/csv sheet in bulk, for an example it can update the contact custom attribute values with new values if this got changed in another system

You can instruct the system which field should be considered to find the existing records and match it with the value in the excel sheet, it can be email or phone field

If you wish not to change the value of the CRM if an empty value is detected in the excel sheet for a field, for an example in a row for Gender in your excel sheet empty value is found so if you tick this option system will not update the Gender value in the CRM so it will remain same as in the CRM.


This is widely used option as the system will Create New Records if not found an existing entry, update the existing records if a change is found, any records which are already in the CRM will be skipped

You can instruct the system which field should be considered to find the existing records and match it with the value in the excel sheet, it can be email or phone field

CRM Actions

If you wish to perform any bulk actions after uploading the records like map the uploaded contacts to a specific Category or apply a tag or even make them subscribe into a "Welcome Sequence" then you can specify the same here;

Default Channel selection is mandatory, for WhatsApp Web Automation please make sure you select "WhatsApp Web Automation" as channel, wrong selection of channel will not work with WhatsApp Drip campagin (Sequence)

Step 3 -> Map Fields

In this step you need to map the fields from the excel/csv sheet to the CRM records like email should be mapped to email field in the CRM, phone should be mapped to Phone Field etc

Email or Phone number must be mapped

You can see sample rows and columns value from your excel/sheet as a preview which helps you to map the fields easily as shown below;

In case you don't find the right attribute value in the Picky Assist CRM then you can create a new attribute by clicking the "+Attribute" text

Step 4 -> Review the Mapping

In this step just review whether all mapping is correct or not, in case if the mapping is wrong then all the fields will get updated with wrong data which can't be undo

Step 5 -> Upload Complete

Once the system completes the upload it will show a message as shown below which indicated how many "New Records are Added, How any duplicate skipped, how many existing record value got updated"

Please note that if you have more 2000 records in the excel sheet then the system will queue the upload and contact processing, you will get an email once the process is completed.

Creating Contact From Connector

Picky Assist is capable to create a new contact or update a value of an existing contact through our Connector.

pageGetting Started

This helps you to automatically sync the changes which happens in a 3rd party CRM or your Custom Application with Picky Assist

To create a contact when an event happens in a 3rd party application use the "Field Mapping Feature of Connector" like whenever someone fills a Wordpress form in your site add it as a Contact in the Picky Assist

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