Telephony service allows you to make use of your existing mobile phone to do various actions which are core to telephony like receiving and sending an SMS , making call conference , missed call etc , following services are bundled under Telephony
Call Conference / Click 2 Call Missed Call Service

Call Conference / Click 2 Call

Call conference service allows to make call conference with upto 5 numbers using your existing SIM Card & mobile phone , your Android phone will act as a gateway to facilitate the call conference service through picky assist bridge mobile app.
Click 2 Call allows to connect with your customers quickly and offer toll free / call back service for your customers. Your customers can request a call back by placing a missed call , sending an SMS , sending a Whatsapp message etc , once the customer placed the request our system will first call to your agent number and then the customer.

Missed Call Service

Missed Call is a very popular service in India and few other countries where the end users are request to place a missed for availing different informations like balance alert , register a call back , raising a support ticket , lead generation, mobile number verficaiton etc

With Picky Assist you can convert your existing whatsapp number into a missed call number and engage customers

Where it can be used?

Call Conference can be used for group meetings, client discussions, support department, sales meetings , review meetings etc
Click 2 Call can be used for providing instant call back services for support & sales, you can configure
Missed Call Can be used for offering instant call back, toll free support, lead generation , mobile number verficaiton etc
    SMS to Call
    Missed Call to Call
    WhatsApp to Call
    Integrate to your Website / Blog

Before You Start

Before you start using the call conference & click 2 call services please ensure followings;
    Make sure phone language is to english,
    Your Android version should be 6.0 or above
    Picky Assist Bridge Mobile app version is 3.9 or above in installed in your phone
    Call conference services must be enabled in your SIM Card , please check with your telecom carrier.
Last modified 2yr ago