WhatsApp Number Filter Tool

You can pass mobile number along with country code in the Broadcaster and select "WhatsApp Filter" to get the numbers filtered

If you are using WhatsApp Official channel then filtering large number of contacts without sending a message may leads to low quality score of your WhatsApp Official number

Select WhatsApp Application

First select through which application you want to filter the numbers

WhatsApp Personal , WhatsApp Business & SMS channels works only through phone automation which is depreciated and no further updates are releasing to the phone automation, so those who are using phone automation are requested to migrate to WhatsApp Web Automation or WhatsApp Official Channel at the earliest

Select Type As WhatsApp Filter

Input Numbers

You can copy and paste mobile numbers or upload from excel / csv sheets

Start Filtering

On clicking the "Send Now" button the numbers will send to the Whatsapp for filtering


You can view and download the reports from the "Report" section , can have a quick view as below

Detailed On Screen View

On Clicking "Detailed Report" you can see onscreen details as shown below;

Downloading Reports

Download Report on clicking "Download" button as shown below;

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