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This feature is in depreciating mode and further development or product updates will not get when using Phone As Gateway (Phone Automation), we also don't provide any support for the same, you may use the service as it as basis.

​Please try our Advanced WhatsApp Web Based Automation​

This document keeps the Version Releases of Picky Assist App , always keep the updated version for best performance , if the latest version don't work then please uninstall and install the older versions and report the issue to [email protected]

Requirements & Limitations

βœ… Requirements

❌ What's Not Supported

βœ… Android Mobile Phone with Version 6.0 or Above (Marshmallow)

❌ Receiving Media Files from WhatsApp

βœ… WhatsApp Business or Personal App

❌ Sending Location & Contacts to WhatsApp

βœ… Phone Screen Lock Should be Set to None

❌ Sending High Volume WhatsApp Messaging

βœ… Phone & WhatsApp Language Should be English

❌ WhatsApp Delivery Reports & Read Receipts

βœ… Battery Optimisation Disabled in Android Phone

❌ Fetching Name & Profile Picture of a WhatsApp User


❌ Sending Messages to WhatsApp Groups


❌ Sending Messages to WhatsApp Broadcast List

Phones & OS Not Supported by Bridge App

❌ Android 5 or below OS

❌ Redmi / Xiaomi Phones

❌ Android Go Editions OS

App Download Link

Send "app" as a WhatsApp Message to 919400055074 to get the Direct APK into your WhatsApp.


Latest Version is 5.0 , Download it from the below link ;

Share this link to your phone through WhatsApp where the bridge app needs to be installed . Click Here to Open WhatsApp ​





Known Issues



Bug Fixes 1) Can't send empty message issue fixed

2) Sending Blank SMS issue fixed


New Features

1) Scan QR code to connect bridge app with a project

2) Auto Update Feature, the app will show if any new updates are available Android OS version should be 6 or above (Android Marshmallow)


​Beta V5.0​

Beta V5.0 July 6, 2020

When a new call comes sending blank SMS (only if the missed call is enabled)


SMS Sending failed issue fixed


Device Admin privilege made option and can be disabled anytime

​Beta V4.9​

Beta V4.9 March 12, 2020

Cant send empty message toast if there is no response given for the incoming WhatsApp message


Sending blank SMS if no response giving to the incoming SMS


Reports on 11, June 2020


WhatsApp App Crashing issue fixed

Session method message sending optimised

Missed Call not working issues fixed

Contact auto save when new incoming message comes

​Beta V4.8​

Beta V4.8 Feb 05, 2020

SMS sending not working in few countries due to number formatting issues


SMS sending issue Fixed which was in 4.6 Version

​Beta V4.7​

Beta V4.7 Jan 22, 2020

Missed Call Not working (Call Rejection)


WhatsApp Business Crashing in certain cases


The most stable release of Picky Assist Bridge App with upto 60 text messages sending speed per minute with many new features and bug fixes. Read More ​

​Beta V4.6​

Beta V4.6 Jan 15, 2020

Certain features are not working in Xiaomi Phones with MUI Version 11


SMS Outgoing Not Working


Missed Call (Call Rejection not working)


WhatsApp Business Crashing in certain cases


Group Name not appending issue fixed, Crash issue fixed in many phones

​Beta V4.5​

Beta V4.5 Oct 8, 2019

Incoming chats with media pushing twice to Server .


Not Working Redmi Xiaomi Phone with MUI 11 version


Delivery Reports (Click Reports) are missing in few cases


Crash issue fixed in certain phones

​Alpha V 4.4​

Alpha V4.4 Oct 2, 2019

Group messages are not extract with group name


Improved Incoming Message Handling Fetching Incoming Images Delivery Reports WhatsApp Number Checking Tool Link Preview Optimised for Android 7,8 & 9 General Bug Fixes & Improvements


​Complete New Features of 4.3 Version

​Beta V 4.3​

Beta V4.3 - Sep 27, 2019

Incoming Image fetching not working in all phones


Queuing Logic Optimised for concurrent messaging Solved Messaging Missing Issues in few devices Solved All Crash reported issues in many devices Improved Automation Flow Recommended Update for All Customers

​Beta V 4.2​

Beta V4.2 - Feb 25, 2019