Before Configuring Bridge App

Picky Assist mobile application is the core module of the project which act as a middleware between your application and different messages application installed in your mobile phone.

In laymen language picky assist app do the automation work for you exactly the same way a human is sending or reading the messages.

In Depth : Picky assist mobile application is seamlessly connected with picky assist cloud servers to automate the messaging services, i.e whenever a new message received in your mobile application picky assist mobile app push the details to our server and reply will be posted back to the corresponding messaging app as per the configuration and rules set by you, similarly when you want to send a message we instruct the picky app to do it.

Phone Recommendation

Phone : Support almost all phones, in certain Chinese manufacturers we have observed accessibility access gets deactivated automatically which prevents sending messages sometimes , recommended hardware specs is 1 GB RAM , 500 MB Free Storage.

We dont support Phones which are powered by Android Go Edition.

WhatsApp Installed as Dual Messenger or Virtualise using Parallels or any similar Software will not work smoothly. Phone & WhatsApp Language Should Set to English to Send Message Out.

Before You Install the App

We need to change few settlings in your phone before installing the app to ensure smooth working of the app.

Disable Screen Lock You need to disable the screen lock or phone lock the phone / screen lock should be โ€œNoneโ€, automation will not work if screen / phone is locked.

Language should be English Your phone and whatsapp language should be English, certain features may not work properly if language is set different than English.

Remove Dual or Clone Whatsapp Please remove all dual or cloned whatsapp applications from your, whatsapp installed in a cloned environment will not work smoothly like whatsapp running with Parallels Software. Recommend to keep WhatsApp Personal & Business downloaded from Google Play Store

Remove App Optimizer/Saver Anti Virus Apps Uninstall battery/memory optimising/antivirus/security apps like CleanMaster, CoolerMaster, NetGuard, memory saver, Security etc. on the phone. These apps may cause preventing Picky Assist to automate.

Remove Unwanted Application We highly recommend to keep only Whatsapp & Picky Assist application in the phone to get the best performance.

Clear Contacts (Optional) If any contacts are saved already you can clear it so that picky assist app can extract the correct number , sometimes if the phone has already contact which is saved not in international format picky assist app may not extract the number instead it extracts the name of the contact.

Download the Bridge App

The app is not available in the google play store so you have to download the latest version from our website. Click Here To Download โ€‹