Configuring Picky Assist Bridge Mobile Application

In this guide we have used Android 6 Marshmallow OS, Picky Assist Bridge App Version 4.2 & Asus Zenfone Max (Asus Z010D) Phone, the UI may change slightly depends on your phone manufacturer;

Enable Installing App From Unknown Sources

Since you are not going to install the app from Google Play Store, before installing the app you need to enable the permission to install app from Unknown Sources

You can locate the Menu From General -> Security | Settings -> Security | Settings -> Biometrics & Security menu location may changed based on your phone os & manufacturer.

In Android 8 & 9 you can start installing and it will prompt you to allow the installation or not , you can allow the installation.


Download APK

Copy and paste the direct download url which ends in .apk and download it into your phone browser

Downloading APK

In case if it prompt a security alert tap OK to continue


Locate the App

In some phones install it from the browser wont work , give tries to unzip the file rather installing, in those cases locate the app from the “File Manager -> Downloads “


Start Installation

Double tap the file ending with .apk to start the installation and follow the on screen instructions , please give access to all permission which app prompt


Locate the App & Open

Once the installation is completed then locate the app from your app list or search “Picky Assist” in your search bar to locate easily.

Start Configuring the Picky Assist App

Now the app has been successfully installed in your phone now you need to configure it so from this step onwards you need to give extra care and make sure you are giving permissions correctly else picky assist app will not run smoothly.

Double Tap the app icon to open and it will prompt the steps

Notification Access Permission

System notification access is very important privilege which the app required as its process the incoming messages to your whatsapp , so please give system notification access to the app when prompted, if any other app having notification access then please revoke the same.


Accessibility Permission

The second important privilege which you need to give manually to the app , “Accessibility” permission is required in order to automate sending messages , using this service we automate various activities which you manually do like, upload file, selecting media files, typing , sending message etc


Entering License Key

Now both the required system permission are granted to the app successfully , its time to activate the app by entering the license key which you got after creating the project

Navigate to the bottom of the app and you will see a “Proceed” button , click on it

Paste or Type the license key which you got after creating the project and click “Validate & Configure”


Give All Permissions & Complete the Installation

It will ask for Reading Contacts, Managing Phone Calls, Reading SMS & Accessing File System permissions , please “Allow” all the permissions and this will complete the installation steps.


Select Services

Select the Services which you would like to use with Picky Assist , please make sure the selected applications are installed in your phone ;


WhatsApp Personal All messages received in your whatsapp personal account will be read by the app and push to your Web Dashboard / Webhook

WhatsApp Business All messages received in your whatsapp business account will be read by the app and push to your Web Dashboard / Webhook

SMS If you select SMS then all incoming messages will read by the app and push to your Web Dashboard / Webhook.

Call All incoming call will be rejected after the seconds you configured and push to your web dashboard / webhook , its generally called as Missed Call Service

Call Conference This will enable call conference facility , you can do the call conference through Web Console or API.

Delay Between Each Message Based on the value configured here whatsapp will be processed from the queue , i.e if you submit 100 messages and delay set to 10 seconds then it will process 1 message in every 10 seconds, we highly recommend to keep the delay 10 seconds or above for best performances , if you set below 10 seconds then message may miss.

We have successfully completed the app installation