Creating A Project

Project helps you to organise your clients or devices effectively , to get started with Picky Assist you must have an active project , in this article we will explain how to Create a Project and get license key.

Create New Project

Login into Picky Assist Console – Click the “Create New Project” from the left sidebar drop down as shown below; if you login for the first time you can see the "Project Creation Wizard" in the dashboard itself.

Selecting Project

Step 1 - Giving Name & Number

Give a Project Name & Mobile number for your reference,

Mobile Number entered here dont have any relation with automation or your WhatsApp, you can enter any 5 digit or above number here and its only for your reference, you can change this later.

Step 2 - Selecting A Plan

Choose a Plan which suits your requirements and make payment via Paypal, by default "Pay As You Go" plan is selected. Its not necessary to make payment to test our platform you can simply continue in pay as you go plan as you have $2 in your account for testing the services

Selecting Plans

If you wish to subscribe to any other plans click on "Buy" button then select the option suitable for you as show on the screen

Please note customers who are from India will get an error since we support local payment in INR through our partner in India, so for making payment in INR please keep touch with our Indian Partner +91 77158 33404 (WhatsApp & Call)

Use From Wallet : You should have money in your account to use this option , if you are seeing current balance which is enough for subscribing to the plan then select this option.

Pay Via Paypal : Make 100% safe payment via Paypal using your existing Credit / Debit Card. We dont store any of your payment details

Subscribe Via Paypal : This will create a recurring payment profile for you in your paypal account , this means you dont need to renew the plan manually every month , paypal will charge your credit / debit card and plan will automatically renewed

Subscribe Via Wallet : If you have money in your account then you can also subscribe via wallet similar to paypal , every month we will look your account for available money and debit the same towards monthly charges

Step 3 - Connect A Channel

After payment you need to Connect A Channel to start using the platform

Supported Channels

Channel Name


Phone Automation

You need to connect an Android Phone into Picky Assist by installing the Bridge App in order to automate WhatsApp, SMS & Calls, please follow the below steps to Connect Your Phone . Read More

WhatsApp Official

WhatsApp Official is disabled by default and required approval from WhatsApp to Get Started. You can Apply Here

WhatsApp Shared

Shared WhatsApp Official Numbers are great tool to get started with WhatsApp Official account in a very cost effective way, you can simply buy keywords on any of our WhatsApp Approved Official Numbers. Read More

Facebook Messenger

You can connect your Facebook page with Picky Assist to enable Smart Replies & AI-Assisted Human Live Chat. Read More


Widget helps to integrate Smart Replies & Live Chat directly into Webpages / Wordpress so that website visitors ables to get their queries answered 24 x 7 through Smart Replies. You can also connect with your customer through Click 2 Call , WhatsApp & SMS. Widgets are powered with Smart Replies so Smart Replies must be enabled and Online in order to get started with Widget. Read More