Paid Consultation💲

Paid Consultation $35 per hour

Picky Assist is a self service platform where the customer need to setup everything themselves based on our comprehensive documentations. Still there are many category of customers who dont want to spend unnecessary time to go through the documentation and play with it , they prefer to focus more on their business and leave the other headaches to experts in their respective fields, so we have designed an ad-on service called "Paid Consultation"

What Topics You Can Discuss ?

You can discuss or ask anything about business communications and our expert team will guide you, below are the general topics however you are free to discuss anything even "how to increase your sales 😊"

How much it Costs?

We charge $35 per hour and you can Book here

Based on the size of your business we will suggest the average hours required for complete the evaluation.

A Sample Process (5 Hours Session)


Approximate Time

Whom to Involve

Understanding Nature of Business & Current Communication Tools

1 Hour

You & Our Team

Gap Analysing

30 minutes

Our Team

Finding Opportunities

30 minutes

Our Team

Fine Tuning Picky Assist Services based on the gap and opportunities (Setting Up)

2 Hours

Our Team

Training & Final Report

1 Hour

You & Our Team

Communication Language & Mode

Language : English Only

Communication Mode : Zoom Call Only

Please note this service dont offers any programming or customisation of picky assist services.

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