Settings for Processing WhatsApp Incoming Media

This feature is in depreciating mode and further development or product updates will not get when using Phone As Gateway (Phone Automation), we also don't provide any support for the same, you may use the service as it as basis.

This section helps to configure WhatsApp Incoming Media Settings , currently picky assist 4.3 or above bridge app supports processing incoming images however it's not compatible with all phones and only support images , moreover many issues are reported.
In order to overcome the issues we have developed this tool which helps to get the incoming messages from whatsapp.
This feature is currently in beta and required 4.3 or above bridge app and the app should be switched to beta mode to work.

How it Works

When a user sends media file to your WhatsApp number our system automatically sends back a message containing a URL to the user prompting to upload the media by clicking the URL. On clicking the URL user takes into a page where they can upload media from their phone storage or record / take picture of the media using phone camera.
Once the user uploaded the media , user will be automatically redirected back to the WhatsApp conversation and user uploaded media files will be available for you.

Getting Started

Select the Project -> Navigate to -> Settings -> Channels -> Phone Automation -> WhatsApp and Click on WhatsApp , it will open a popup as shown below;
Status : On / Off , Whether this feature need to be turned off or on , by default its turned off.
Process Media from Groups : If this is turned "On" then reply will be send to the media messages received in a WhatsApp Group, by default this is turned "Off"
Reply Message : Here you can define the reply message which need to send back to the user when they send a media , the reply message will append with a unique URL
Link Expiry : You can define after how many days or minutes the generated link should be expired, please note the link is generated against each user and not valid to reuse for any other users
WhatsApp Number : By default your project number will be shown here , you can edit the number, please note this number will be used to redirect the user back to the whatsapp chat conversation after they have uploaded the media file , so please make sure this number is a valid WhatsApp number , please specify the number along with country code without + or 00.
Sucess Message : This message will be shown to the user after they uploaded the media files, this will be visible only for few seconds after that the user will be redirected to the whatsapp chat conversation.

Branded URL

This helps to brand the URL i.e you can use your own domain and URL which helps your users to share media file with confidence By default Picky Assist branded URL will append in the messages.
To use your own URL you should have a website / blog or server along with the privilege to upload html files.

How it Works

We will generate an html file against your project , you can download by Clicking the "Download HTML Page" , after that you need to upload the HTML file into your server and update the public URL in our platform.
Once you updated the public URL all further URL's in the messages will be replaced with your Public URL for example if your URL is then your unique link will look like this

Steps to Configure Branded URL

  1. 1.
    Click On "Branded URL"
  2. 2.
    Then Click on "Download HTML Page"
  3. 3.
    An html page named upload.html will generate and download.
  4. 4.
    Upload the html file into your server
  5. 5.
    Give the fully URL in the "Branded Domain" text box
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