Sandbox Mode WhatsApp Official

This guide helps to setup Sandbox environment for WhatsApp Official. The numbers used in the Sandbox are WhatsApp Approved Numbers shared with many customers by allocating branded and un-branded keywords. Read More about WhatsApp Approved Shared Numbers ​

Getting Start

  1. 1.
    ​Create A Free Account & Get $2 for Testing
  2. 2.
    Create A New Project
  3. 3.
    Select A Shared Number & Get Your Un-Branded Keyword
  4. 4.
    Setup Webhook Under Settings -> Webhook to start receiving incoming messages
  5. 5.
    Generate API Token under Settings -> API Token to start sending messages
  6. 6.
    Send a WhatsApp message to Shared number followed by your unbranded keyword to get started.
In order to send messages out , first you must send a message to the WhatsApp Shared number followed by your un-branded / branded keyword i.e the user must initiate the conversation. In the production environment i.e Your Dedicated Number which allows business to start a conversation using WhatsApp Approved Templates. Read More ​
You will not able to request new templates in Sandbox / Shared environment however you can make use of pre-approved templates for testing.

Setting Up an Un-Branded Keyword

Unique keywords on a WhatsApp Shared Number identify the business / projects and route the message to the respective keyword owner, so it's mandatory to send a keyword to get started with WhatsApp Sandbox environment
By default, all projects have one pre-defined un-branded keyword to know your un-branded keyword go to Settings -> WhatsApp Shared
Click on the "WhatsApp Shared" and a popup will open as below
  • Number is the WhatsApp Shared Number
  • Keyword is the Unbranded Keyword
  • Direct Link is to share directly with users

Developers Settings

Webhook please listen to application=<shared whatsapp number> like application=919737001155
Push API please pass application=<shared whatsapp number> like application=919737001155 Templates ID : To send message after 24 hours you needed a template id this can be copied from Settings -> WhatsApp Shared -> Popup Read More about Templates​