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API Returns Sucess "200" but message not getting delivered

Please make sure you have passed the mobile number in global format i.e along with country code without + or 0

Why I am getting “Insufficient Balance” as response when i trigger the Broadcast API ?

Please note broadcast API works only in Pay As You Go & Unlimited Plan , please make sure you are calling the API from the project which any of the above plan is activated.

Why I am getting “Authentication Failed” as response when i trigger the Broadcast API?

This error is because you are using a wrong API token or the project mapped to the API token is not in active status.
Make sure API Token status is enabled in Settings -> API Token
Make sure you are not passing any junk values in message tag in the API , only UTF-8 Characters are supports in the message tag. If you pass any sql query, php codes or any programming language codes then you will drop the message request

I am getting “Sucess” as broadcast API response but my WhatsApp messages are not getting delivered to the recipient phone. Why ?

There could be many reasons for this , your picky assist bridge app might not have configured correctly or accessibility permission granted to the picky assist app got revoked by the system , follow the below steps;
  1. 1.
    Make sure the accessibility permission is granted to the Picky Assist app, to verify please open the picky assist mobile app , from the dashboard Click on “Check Accessibility Status” then enable the access if disabled and if enabled then disable and enable it again. Click Here to See Guide​
  2. 2.
    Make sure you are passing mobile number without + or 00 , you must pass mobile number with country code followed by the number. +55 123456789 (Wrong) -> 55123456789 (Correct)
  3. 3.
    Make sure all the necessary permission are granted to picky assist bridge mobile app. Open mobile app and tap “Set Permission” and grant all permissions to the app
  4. 4.
    Make sure you are installed the latest version of picky assist bridge app i.e 4.5
  5. 5.
    Make sure the mobile where the whatsapp is installed has an active internet connection
  6. 6.
    Make sure the mobile and whatsapp language is set to English
  7. 7.
    Make sure the mobile is not locked , the screen lock should be set to “None”

When sending message sometimes it opens the whatsapp and pre-fill the message against the correct contact but message is not sending , why?

This is mainly because the “Accessibility” permission to the picky assist app might have revoked by the system , go to Picky Assist Mobile App Click on “Check Accessibility Status” then enable the access if disabled and if enabled then disable and enable it again. Click Here to See Guide​
Also make sure you are passing a valid whatsapp number followed by country code without 0 or +

Why messages are missing when sending continuously or in bulk ?

If you are continuously calling the broadcast API there are high chances the mobile phone which do the automation wont response to the request beyond certain limits , so your messages wont reach the phone.
We highly recommend not to call the broadcast API continuously or one by one in a loop function in order to push message in the same time, instead pass all the number and message in a single API call which will ensure your messages reaches the phone correctly.
We have also observed in few phones whatsapp app takes more time to render (open) in this case message missing chances are high so we recommend to set higher delay timings between each messages in the picky assist mobile app if you encounter any issues. Recommended delay is 10 seconds
Setting Delay

Is it possible to send location through WhatsApp Phone Automation ?

No, currently we dont support sending or receiving location through WhatsApp Automation, still you can share the Google or any map URL through which user can navigate same as sending location in WhatsApp.


Why I am getting error code "802" Not Contactable 24 Hours Session Expired ?

For WhatsApp Official and Shared you can send messages only within 24 hours of the last user interaction, if you want to send message after 24 hours then you need to make use of templates