Bridge App 4.6 (Beta Release)



First Alpha Release Date

Nov 17, 2019

Beta Release Date

Jan 15, 2020

Beta Download Link


Text Message Speed Increased to 60 message per minute

We have increased sending speed of text messages 10x compared to our last version 4.5 and now 4.6 version can send upto 60 text messages in a minute. It's a complex technology and we can call it as "Session Method" which make use of manipulating certain session values in the core android system. In order to send session messages your phone dont need to be unlocked. Please aware the below limitations for the "Session Method"

  1. The increased speed will work only for text messages and a user must first sends a message. This will create a session in the android and store this value to the memory of the phone (RAM)

  2. The increase speed will get reset if you restart the phone as the session details are saving in the RAM (Work memory) of the phone and will lost when restart happens

  3. When you send a text message the app will automatically switch to "Session Method" and in case the session value is not avaiablle against the contact the app will automatically switch the message using the default method i.e Using Accessibility (Auto Click Method)

  4. When the app use the "Session Method" to send text messages the link preview will not work, so if you are concerned about the link preview to work you can instruct the app to use the "Accessibility Method" to send messages. While Sending each message you can configure from Broadcaster or API

Increased SMS Sending Speed

Earlier SMS sending speed were following the "Delay Between Message" value set in the Bridge App for WhatsApp. From 4.6 onwards SMS sending speed is dynamic in nature and make use of Android default queue method to send messages out, by default to send a single text message upto 160 characters takes 2-3 seconds.

Intelligent Retry Mechanism

Auto click method has been enhanced and implemented retry mechanism to improve the message delivery ratio, 4.6 version will retry the message after 5 seconds if not auto clicked within 3 seconds.

Enhanced Media Handling

Media handling has been enhanced in order to avoid missing messages when sending in large.

One Click Troubleshoot

Now you can check the Notification & Accessibility permission status by just a tap "TROUBLESHOOT" , the app will check whether the required services are running or not in the background.

Device Admin Privilege Added

We have observed that in few phones the "Accessibility & Notification" are getting automatically revoked by the android system app and in order to prevent this behaviour we have added Device Admin privilege for Picky Assist App. Now you need to give the device admin privilege to picky assist bridge app while installing the same.

Please note when an app is running as Device Admin you cant uninstall using the normal uninstall option instead you need to first remove the Picky Assist App from the Device Administrator list then Uninstall the app

Optimised Delivery Report Sending Queue

Delivery report sending queue has been optimised and now delivery reports will be pushed on realtime basis.

Speed Benchmarking Report of 4.6 Bridge App

Type of Message

Average Speed

Outbound -> WhatsApp Text & Media Message Using Accessibility Method

5 to 6 Messages Per Minute

Outbound -> WhatsApp Text Messages Using Session Method

50 to 60 Messages Per Minute

Outbound -> SMS Using Android Default Queue for 160 Characters English Message

30 to 40 Messages Per Minute

Outbound -> SMS Using Android Default Queue for Unicode Messages (Non English Upto 60 Characters)

20 to 30 Messages Per Minute

Inbound -> WhatsApp Messages with Instant Reply

30 - 40 Messages per minute

Inbound -> SMS - English (Less than 160 characters)

50 to 60 Messages per minute

Inbound -> SMS - Unicode (Less than 60 characters)

30 - 40 Messages per minute

Inbound -> Missed Calls

1 call in a Second

Outbound -> Call Conference upto 5 members

1 Conference at a Time

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  1. Group Messages getting duplicated is fixed

  2. Media messages getting duplicated is fixed

  3. For SMS if webhook response is blank a blank SMS were sending to user.

  4. Delay in giving instant reply in few phones

  5. Media message missing when sending large is fixed with retry mechanism

  6. Delivery report delay is fixed by optimising the delivery report queue

  7. Fixed all the crash issues reported in the previous versions