Add, Edit, Filter & Delete Contacts into Social CRM
This feature is currently accessible through the beta platform under Social CRM -> Contacts and the new improved contact section will look as below;

Adding New Contacts

You can manually add single or import contacts into Picky Assist Contact module in bulk, to add new contact click on "Add Contact" button which is the top right side of page as shown below;

Quick Contact Adding

You will see a new popup as shown below after clicking on the "Add Contact" button
Name, Mobile Number with Country & Channel is mandatory fields, Channel means the default channel in which the contact should be mapped, if you are using WhatsApp Web Automation then please select it as "WhatsApp Web Automation" if using WhatsApp Official then select as "WhatsApp Official"
Please note for Facebook Channels there is no option to add Contacts manually instead when someone sends you a message the system automatically create it as a contact and list in the Contact Page
The system will always create contact whenever someone writes to your connected Channel for the first time later you may update the contact details

Adding Attribute Values

If you want to fill the Attribute values as well while adding a new contact i.e informations apart from Name, Email & Phone number like Address, Gender, Company Name, Lead source etc you can click on "Show Attributes" as shown in the below;
Kindly note the system will show the attributes which are already created by you, you can read more about how to create attributes here.​
By default system will show you an option only to add 5 contacts at once, if you would like add more contacts then click "Add More" as shown below ;


Actions helps you to map the contacts into a specific tag, category or even to a sequence, you can scroll down window to see the Actions

Uploading / Importing Contacts in Bulk

Apart from adding contacts one by one you can also upload the contacts in bulk, for example if you want to export contact from your existing CRM and add this with Picky Assist , then you can simply do this using the Bulk Contact Upload options
From the Same "Add Contacts" section you may scroll down till you see an option as shown below;

Supported Formats & Size

You need to have the list of contact in CSV,XLS,XLSX files CSV is recommended and maximum size of the file not should not exceed 10 MB.
The maximum rows in the excel sheet should not exceed the maximum number of contact allowed in your plan, please compare the plans here ​

Mapping the Data

After you upload the excel/csv sheet you need to map the data in the your file with Picky Assist contacts fields and attributes, you can see an option as shown below;
From the Map to drop down you need to select how each column & row data needs to be mapped into the Picky Assist Attribute, for example if the contact name is saved in the Column B in your excel sheet then you need to select the Map To Filed as Name as shown below;
You can Create new attributes by clicking the "Add Attribute" option as shown in the above image.

Adding / Removing Country Code Prefix

Prefix is the feature allows you to add or remove the country code with the Number field in your excel sheet, there may be a situation then your excel sheet don't have the country code, so you can simply add prefix and enter the country code in the text box as shown below;
You can also remove any special characters like 0 or + if its already in your excel sheet saved in the number row.
Kindly note the we need the mobile number along with the country code like 919833333089 where 91 is the country code and rest is the mobile number, you should not add like 0983434234.


You can select the Channel, Category & Tags for the uploaded contact as shown below;

If the excel sheet row count is more than 2000 then the system will process the contact uploading and mapping in the background queue, once the queue is completed you will get an email alert in your registered email address.

Editing Contacts

Editing contact is made simplified with inline excel like editor, you can quickly edit multiple contacts with this feature which saves lot of your time, see the below video to understand how the quickly you can edit the data

Searching Contacts

Search the contact by Name, Email or Mobile Number, simply type any of these data in the search box and hit enter or click the search icon as shown below;

Filtering Contacts

Our advanced filtering options allows to create a reusable filter combination of conditions and just with a click filter the contact the way you needed.

Deleting Contacts

Select the Contacts you want to delete and simply heads towards the top of the section and hit the delete the button to delete the selected contacts, please note once the contact is deleted all data associated with the contact like message history, files etc will be permanently deleted

Exporting Contacts

Exporting contacts easily into a CSV format, you can filter the contacts based on the condition and export the same, to export contacts go to the right top side and click on "Export Contact" button and a popup will appear to select the filter condition and click on Export as shown below

Mass Update of Attributes

Mass update of attribute allows you to select upto 5000 contacts and update the value which are saved in the attributes, for example if you want to filter contacts having Tag "Order Pending" and want to update the Tag with "Order Delivered" this can be done through Mass Update
For doing this first Select Multiple Contact's then Click on "Mass Update" which appears in the top selection and Choose the Attribute which needs to be updated in bulk, then enter the value which needs be updated, see the below image
If the value is blank or if you don't made any selection then all existing values of the selected contact attributes will be deleted.