Call Conference / Click 2 Call

Making Call Conference

You can initiate call conference from your web console , go to Telephony -> Call Conference
Call Conference

Manually Inputting Numbers to Call

You can manually input upto 5 numbers in the text area as shown below. Please separate each number by comma or enter
Dont pass + or 00 along with your number, you must pass country code along with all number

Selecting Number From Existing Subscribers List

You can select the numbers from the existing subscribers by clicking the Add Subscriber icon as shown below

Saving Call Conference

You can Save a conference to launch it quickly as shown below, give a name to save conference

Scheduling A Conference

Scheduling a conference allows you to start a conference at a time specified by you , please note we follow time zone in your profile.

Starting Conference From Saved List

All saved conferences are listed as shown below, you can click on the Call icon to start the saved conference , you can also edit and delete the saved conference by clicking the edit and delete icon as shown below;

Getting Reports

Get call report from the right side of the section , you can filter between dates or search a conference by its name

Getting Detailed Report

You can get mobile number wise report by clicking the "Details" and On Clicking "Call Again" you can start the conference again with the same numbers.