Migration to Official WhatsApp Business
This guide helps you to know more information about migrating your existing API or Project from Phone Automation to Official WhatsApp Business Account.

API Migration

You need to create another project and acquire new API Token. If you are using our phone automation API then please update the following parameters.


application=8 means message received on an WhatsApp Official Account
2 new array is available to extract "contact" and "location" informations, if you wish to get the contact and location informations then please extract the values from these array's
Webhook Response , you can send contact and location also as an instant reply , please pass the message type=5 and 7 if you would like to reply with Contact or Location Sample Contact Webhook & Response | Sample Location Webhook & Responseโ€‹

Push API

Pass application=8 to route messages through Official WhatsApp Business Account
2 new array is available to send "contact" and "location" informations

Sending Templated Messages

In order to send messages after 24 hours window you need to make use of WhatsApp pre approved templates, if you have not yet requested templates then please make use of Template Request API to request a template.

Requesting WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp Templates are used to send non promotional notifications after 24 hours window. All templates structure must be pre-approved by WhatsApp before using it. WhatsApp Templates are also known as HSM (Highly Structured Messages).

Delivery Reports Event Webhook

application=8 delivery reports received in the Official WhatsApp Business Account
status=3 means message is read by the user , please note the final status will be updated from delivered i.e 1 to 3 if available. If the user privacy is turned on then you will get not read receipt. So need to consider status=1 as final else status=3.

WhatsApp Filter - Event Webhook

Pass application=8 to check WhatsApp filter through Official WhatsApp Business Account