How to Avoid Getting Banned on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is like an overprotective mom that doesn’t want to see their users upset for receiving spam and junk messages, so the solution for that is banning everything that looks like spam.

From WhatsApp’s point of view, bots are not wrong but you should only reply to messages and never start a conversation but, of course, you have no choice and need to start the conversation, that’s why you are here!

The easy way: Send an SMS / Email to your customers with a link so they can start a conversation with you or your bot. After that you just gotta ACT AS HUMAN AS POSSIBLE and everything will be all right.

Do & Don'ts

  1. Have a real content, a survey that the person agreed with is different than a marketing message on a saturday night

  2. Send messages written in different ways, and if possible personalise the message with person first name, draft message in a way that users get engaged by replying your message like end the message like this “to avail the offer simply reply to this message ” or specify any keyword where the user can reply.

  3. IMPORTANT It’s expected that you run Whatsapp Web on the same network of the primary app on your phone. If you have whatsapp (app) running on your real phone with you and whatsapp (web) on some cloud solution like AWS. So dont use any automation services which ask you to scan the QR code in website or application.

  4. hosted far away from you, we are sure you will be banned.

  5. Have a profile picture, business details, about this is not related to Whatsapp Bots Catcher® but sending a new message for someone not having a picture/name/status will elevate your chances of being manually tagged as spam

  6. Don’t keep sending messages to people that have already blocked you, always give an option for users to opt-out from your number

  7. Even though you will technically able to send messages to contacts that doesn’t have whatsapp, you must never do that. Always check if your contacts have whatsapp before sending a message

  8. Avoid sending links that were previously marked as spam on Whatsapp or non-HTTPS. A URL shortener is a good idea

  9. IMPORTANT Always use WhatsApp Business with Picky Assist as blocking algorithms are different than WhatsApp personal considering the business needs. Set An automatic Welcome Message Always in your business WhatsApp App.

  10. If you have to send multiple messages as a reply, send the first one, wait a few seconds and then go for the second message. Always try to get everything inside one message. We know it’s not pleasant to send long messages but we recommend it to avoid frequent messages.

  11. IMPORTANT If you have activated a new number or you are new to WhatsApp App then dont start sending mass messages from the day 1 , always use a warm up process by sending few messages from any other phones (friends or other numbers you have) to your new number , then share the WhatApp Short Link i.e WA link Via SMS / Email to your customers.

Keep In Mind

  1. For everyone you send a message that doesn’t have your number on their contact list will be asked it that’s spam, being tagged as spam a few times (5 - 10) will definitely get you banned

  2. Whatsapp records every movement you do, you can even check the logs when sending simple support email, it contains all kinds of information.

  3. Apps that duplicates whatsapp are generally not a good idea because whatsapp knows it’s running under a nonauthorized app and may also ban you.

  4. Try to engage in conversations, as long as you send a message and the person doesn’t automatically blocks you it’ll be quite okay. People constantly talking to you and adding you to their contact list will make your number stronger against a ban

  5. Think about that like a points system, you start with zero points (negative if your IP or device were previously blacklisted), if you reach zero you are out, if you engage in conversations you get a point, if you are tagged as spam you lose some points, if you are blocked you may lose more points.

  6. IMPORTANT Don’t let your bot running alone for too long, from time to time open Whatsapp on the device, roll over some chats, send few message manually, make few whatsapp calls, close Whatsapp Web and open again, etc

  7. In some countries virtual numbers will be from a specific range that whatsapp generally knows, on most of cases you won’t be able to even register.

  8. If you are running multiple whatsapp accounts under the same IP doing basically the same thing and you notice one of them got banned, stop and close everything of the other accounts, otherwise they will be all banned sequentially. Attention who are running whatsapp on virtual machines / devices.

  9. If your content is clearly spam, it doesn’t matter if you are using a broadcast list, group or direct contact, you will still get banned. Even though whatsapp doest know what contents you are sending.

Please note this article explains only the best practice to avoid blocking , WhatsApp use machine learning to detect spam messages so we cant say the above guidelines will work always . Picky Assist dont have any control and not responsible for any harm to your business.

What to Do If you are banned ?

  1. Delete whatsapp and everything related to it

  2. Do a factory reset on the phone if possible

  3. Get a new IP address

  4. Install whatsapp again

  5. Let the first message be special: don’t register the number and start sending messages, first start a conversation with this new number from an old and trusted number, like your own phone.

  6. There are people saying you should wait 12 ~ 36 hours after this first message to start sending more, on the other hand some people will say that if you just register a phone and don’t send messages for a day, you will be banned as soon as you start sending messages

Contacting WhatsApp Support Via Email

There’s a remote chance of being unbanned, Our customer have cases where the number was unbanned after 1 day and cases that it has been months and it’s still banned. Their reply time is quick but the answer is final and immutable:

Temporary Ban Accounts

## – WhatsApp Support – ##


Thanks for getting in touch with us! Your WhatsApp account has been disabled because you have violated our Terms of Service when using an unauthorized app or an unsupported device.

Please remove the application and install an authorized version on a compatible device at: Please keep in mind that we do not allow support for unofficial or jailbroken / rooted clients (including emulators) and unsupported devices.

To use WhatsApp on your computer, visit our website from your computer’s browser. Then open WhatsApp and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp application on your phone (look for WhatsApp Web in the WhatsApp settings on your device).

WhatsApp can only be installed on your computer if you are using Windows operating systems 8.0 and higher or Mac OSX.9 and above. If you are experiencing problems installing WhatsApp on a supported operating system, disable your anti-virus and try again.

You have the option to access WhatsApp through your browser here if you are using non-compatible operating systems.

Your account will be permanently disabled, and without the possibility of appeal if you continue to violate our Terms of Service.Cheers, Roshan WhatsApp Support Team Take a look at our FAQ.

Full Ban Accounts (High Spam Reports)