Bridge App 4.3 (Alpha Release)



First Alpha Release Date

June 6, 2019

Current Alpha Sub Version

4.3 (37)

Latest Alpha Release Date

Sep 12, 2019

Alpha Download Link (Latest Sub Version)


Web Beta Feature URL to Login (Use same user name and password)


To start using 4.3 app full features, you must switch the bridge app into beta mode by tapping "Version 4.3" in the phone three times and access the web panel from https://pickyassist.com/beta​

You must uninstall the current version of picky assist bridge app completely from the phone before start installing the new app, please dont update the app from 4.2 to 4.3 version

  1. ​What's New​

  2. ​Known Bugs​

  3. ​Fixed Bugs​

What's New

Improved Incoming Message Handling We have completely re-engineered the incoming message handling and instant text reply flow. The new version will support 40 to 60 incoming message in a minute along with instant text replies i.e 80 to 120 interactions can be handled in a minute. This is a great improvement for those who are using the platform for 2 way communications like Chatbot, Answer Bot , Lead Generation , Newsletters etc

Fetching Incoming Images Incoming images to your WhatsApp number can now fetched by the app and push to your server / Social CRM (will be in alpha and may not work in all phone and os)

Delivery Reports We will provide the delivery reports for all messages send through broadcaster. This will help you to retry the messages in case if its not delivered in the first attempt this tool will ensure the delivery of all messages.

WhatsApp Number Checking Tool New tool to check whether a number is available on WhatsApp or not.

Link Preview Messages send through broadcaster along with a link (URL) will generate link preview in the whatsapp which will increase the customer engagements with your message.

Optimised for Android 7,8 & 9 The new app is highly optimised for Android 8 & 9 and fixed all bugs reported in Android 8 & 9 like Media file auto sharing not working in few phone models, outgoing messages are getting missed etc.

General Bug Fixes & Improvements All bugs and issues reported in last 4 months has been fixed and overall app performance & stability has been improved.

Permission Events In case if any of the required permission are revoked by the android system we will send events to your API / Email and which will help you to grant the permission again so the app will start working smoothly.

Known Bugs

  1. Incoming images are not fetching in many phones

Fixed Bugs

  1. If incoming message contains certain keywords like web, backup , webhook messages is not pushing to web server.

  2. Groups messages incoming number is not capturing

  3. When a new Incoming whatsapp messages comes and not replied then webhook get hit twice i.e duplicate of messages is being pushed from the app to server.

  4. If media url redirects to another destination then media not downloading (only for Push API Calls)

  5. PDF sending issues in certain OS & phones

  6. Media URL contains certain special characters were not downloading to the app for sending media files

  7. Outgoing messages missing when the queue size is large

  8. Incoming message reply pushing wrongly if same message content received from 2 senders at same time

  9. If a contact is already saved in phone with 2 numbers then instead of number it extracts the name and push to the server.

  10. If a contact name saved in the phone contains " ' " the app were getting crash

  11. Delay in fetching incoming messages in few phone models due to native battery optimisation tools