Tickets / Task helps you to solve subscribers issues / followup in a very organised way. Users can raise concerns through WhatsApp / SMS / Call. Agents can easily create tickets / tasks with different priority level, due date, against each subscriber.
One of the unique advantages of picky assist ticketing system is the ability to reply the tickets via WhatsApp & SMS which are fast compared to the traditional email / self services communication channels.
Ticketing / Task system can also be used for Sales where followup or conversation details are required to update for future tracking, for an example if you are talking with many customers through different channels then you can add the conversation summary as comment as soon as the conversations get completes , if customer asked to call or message after one week or a specified time then you can create a reminder for the specific conversation and our system will remind you.

Creating New Ticket

You can create and manage ticket in 3 ways
  1. 1.
    From the Subscriber Section of Social CRM
  2. 2.
    From the Ticket Section of Social CRM
  3. 3.
    From the Smart Action of Smart Replies

Creating From Subscriber Section of Social CRM

To Create a new ticket against a subscriber go to Social CRM -> Select the Subscriber -> Click Tickets (Tab) -> New Ticket (Menu)
Click on “Tickets” and a popup will appear on screen as shown below and Click on “New Task” to add a new ticket
Enter Subject of the Ticket
Specify Ticket Description
Specify the Priority : Low , Medium , High
Due Date : define due date to solve the ticket, helpful to meet SLA’s
Remind Me helps you to give reminder at a specific date and time , useful for sales followup’s
Media : attach media files like image, video and audio shared by the user regarding the issue.

Updating Ticket Conversations

All the tickets created against a subscriber will be listed as shown below; you can also filter the tickets by it status and search ticket by its subject
On clicking the Subject column ticket conversation details will be loaded as shown below;
You can update the ticket by adding comments, change progress status and can set reminder against each task / comment.

Giving Reply to the Customer

By default our system wont give any reply to the end user when you update the ticket conversation since the comment sections is made for internal communications still if you wish to give an update to your users, you can just tick the “Send to Subscriber” as shown below and the comment will send to the user through the channel they have communicated lastly;

Creating & Managing Ticket from the Ticket Section

You can manage and create tickets from the Social CRM -> Tickets section which is dedicated only for ticketing , you will get an overview dashboard as shown below;
By clicking on each status the tickets will be automatically get filter and listed on screen.
On selecting a ticket the conversation details will load in the right side of the section as shown below;

Applying Filters & Searching Tickets

You can search tickets with it subject using the “Search Ticket” section as shown below;
You can filter tickets based on below criteria by clicking the “Filter” as shown below;