Referral Tools

Referral Tools are the core of the partner area which allows you to create unique Referral URL , Referral Tag & Partner Tag which helps to track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, this tools also helps to track the conversation.

Referral URL

Referral URL Is your unique URL which you can share with customers to signup, all customers who signed up through this referral URL will be mapped as your customer.

Please note once a referral url is chosen you can't edit it in future , so please choose your referral url carefully.

Redirect URL : When someone clicks on your Referral URL you can define which page needs to be shown to the user. You can change or edit the redirect URL anytime.

Referral Tag

Referral Tag allows you to create trackable URL which helps to identify the source of the lead and conversion ratio, suppose if you do campaign with a special offer on facebook then you can create a reference tag “Facebook Campaign” then append the unique reference tag like, you can append the reference tag with any picky assist public URL’s including blog This will track all clicks and signups.




Name of the tag which you given while creating a referral tag


This is the unique id of the tag , you need to append the tag as ?ref=<tag-id> along with a URL like

Unique Clicks

Number of unique users clicked and landed in the site using the specified referral tag

Returning Click

Number of users who clicked more than once is classified as "Returning Clicks"


Number of conversation happens, Successful Signup is consider as Conversion.

Total Clicks

Total number of clicks sum of Unique Clicks & Returning Clicks

Creating Referral Tag

You can create referral tag by just giving a name , Click on "Ref Tag" then give a name and click Save

Filtering Referral Tag Statistics

You can filter the referral tag statistics based on days , by default last 7 days statistics will be display , you can change the date to fetch statistics between specified dates

Customer Tag

Customer Tag helps you to tag a customer like "VIP" , "Frequent Buyer" , "Amount Pending" etc which helps to organise your customers

There are 5 system tags available as below

  1. Email Not Verified

  2. New Signup

  3. Free Trial

  4. Pad Customer

  5. Not Interested

Creating Your Own Tag

You can also create your own tag and map it against a customer