Shared WhatsApp Official Numbers are great tool to get started with WhatsApp Official account in a very cost effective way, you can simply buy keywords on any of our WhatsApp Approved Official Numbers

Use our Shared WhatsApp Official Number to send and receive WhatsApp Messages using dedicated branded keyword like #your-brand-name (#picky) or use our un-branded keyword for testing like #WV12623883FUrU1AgHG

Integration into Broadcaster, Sequence Automation, Live Chat are under integration.

Branded Vs Un-Branded

Let’s see how branded and un-branded works for you, un-branded keywords are the perfect choice for testing.



Easy to remember keyword with your brand or company name #your-brand-name like #picky

A long keyword like #WV12623883FUrU1AgHG good for testing

One Time Setup Charge of $50 applicable

No Setup charges, active with all Phone Automation Plans

Option to Customise Opt-out & Signature Messages

Default message with Picky Branding will send for Opt-out message and signature

How It Works

Select A Number -> Purchase A Keyword -> Share with Users

When we receive a message with your keyword on the shared number you selected, we will simply route it to your account and further you can engage with user’s as normal. All features of picky assist will work smoothly with the shared number also.

It’s mandatory that the user must start the conversation by sending your keyword followed by a message.

Case to case we allow sending template messages without a user subscription and we may charge a risk fee or may ask you to go with the yearly plan, to discuss your case please drop an email to [email protected] or use Live Chat


The WhatsApp shared number will follow the same price as phone automation and by default it’s enabled in all accounts with an unbranded keyword, you can purchase a branded keyword by paying $50 one time charges.

Pay As You Go






2500 Session Messages

8000 Session Messages

25000 Session Messages

50000 Session Messages


After $0.003

After $0.002

After $0.001

After $0.0005

Login to Download Template Charges.

Login to Download Template Charges.

Login to Download Template Charges

Login to Download Template Charges

Login tTemplate Charges

API Access

No API Access

No API Access

No API Access

API Access

Important Terms

  1. There will no free Template Messages and you will be billed from your account balance as per the destination country

  2. Session messages will be billed from your account balance after free usage

  3. Setup Charge is One Time & Non-Refundable

  4. You should have an active phone automation plan to configure Shared Number & Keyword

  5. There will no monthly rental for the keyword as long as a phone automation plan is active on your account.

  6. Only one keyword can be booked against a project and you can have unlimited sub-keywords


Intelligent Context Switching

Our perfectly crafted intelligent context switching technology allows the maximum flexibility to your business. Your contact needs to just start the conversation with # followed by your keyword all further conversations from the user will automatically route to you until the user changed the context by sending another valid keyword. Even if another keyword is sent by the same user when you reply in order to maintain the context of the conversation our platform intelligently adds your business name and keyword (signature) in the footer of the message so the user will not get confused. The signature text will be appended along with the message only if there are multiple contexts available against the user. You can custom the signature text.

The signature will append only if the context is not available to your business.

Highly Scalable & Reliable

Since all the numbers are approved by WhatsApp and based on WhatsApp Official Solutions it's capable to send and receive millions of messages in a day. It’s more reliable than phone-based automation with 99.5% Uptime & 98% Average Delivery Ratio


90% Cost Saving when compared to dedicated Official WhatsApp Number and powered with all features.

Supports All Media

Shared WhatsApp solution supports sending and receiving all types of media files where phone automation limited to receive only text and not able to send location and contact.

Pre-Approved Templates

We have pre-approved ready to use templates for OTP, Invoices (PDF & Image), Ecommerce Shipping Alerts, Appointment Confirmation, Ticket Updates, Feedbacks. Login to See List of Available Templates

Easy Opt-Out Management

We take the end-user privacy seriously on our WhatsApp Shared number, a user can opt-out receiving a message from your business anytime by sending “STOP” followed by your keyword like #picky stop. When the user sends another message with your keyword they will again opt-in to your business. In order to avoid misusing the shared number, the user must initiate the conversation first by sending a message.