Configuring Keyword
Keywords are the core of the WhatsApp Shared number, you have 2 options to get a keyword on any of our shared numbers
  1. 1.
    A dedicated branded keyword like #your-brand-name (#picky)
  2. 2.
    A un-branded keyword like #WV12623883FUrU1AgHG

Branded Vs Un-Branded

Let’s see how branded and un-branded works for you, un-branded keywords are the perfect choice for testing.
Easy to remember keyword with your brand or company name #your-brand-name like #picky
A long keyword like #WV12623883FUrU1AgHG good for testing
One Time Setup Charge of $50 applicable
No Setup charges, active with all Phone Automation Plans
Option to Customise Opt-out & Signature Messages
Default message with Picky Branding will send for Opt-out message and signature

Setting Up Un-Branded Keyword

By default, all projects have one pre-defined un-branded keyword to know your un-branded keyword go to Settings -> WhatsApp Shared
Click on the "WhatsApp Shared" and a popup will open as below
Number is the WhatsApp Shared Number Keyword is the Unbranded Keyword Direct Link is to share directly with users

Setting Up Branded Keyword

You need to pay as one time non-refundable setup charge to get a branded keyword you can click on “Get Branded Keyword” button
A Popup will open as below and you need to check the fill the details to activate your branded keyword

Guidelines to Fill the Form

Form Field
Select Shared Number
This is the list of available number with country , you need to select the number you would like to use
Choose Keyword
This is where you choose your branded keyword , except . (dot) - (Hyphen) no other special characters are allowed
All keywords are subjected to manual review and approval, we strictly not allowed to use branded keywords like #worldbank #fbi etc without a written confirmation from the brands.
To avoid rejection please choose the brand name you have legal title.
Meaning of the Keyword in English
Please explain the meaning of the keyword in english , if your keyword is your company or brand name then please mentioned
Our company name is Picky Assist Inc so short form is picky
Company Legal Name
Full legal name of the company as per the documents, if your company is pvt ltd / llc / inc then please mention as same like Picky Assist Inc
Company Contact Person
Name of Authorised person to contact in the company
WhatsApp Number of Contact Person
WhatsApp number of the contact person in the company in order to forward any complaints received , must be a valid WhatsApp number.
If you have a website then please specify the same so that our approval team can easily go through and speed up the approval process
Nature of Business
Please explain the nature of business and explain how you will be using the shared WhatsApp Number
We are a digital marketing company and would like to capture leads from our social media campagin
This message will be auto appended if there is any conflict in the context like 2 users are interacting with more than one business at a time. This will only append if there any conflict in the context.
You can edit this content any time
OptOut Message
This message will append to the first message you sent to a user. Which allows the user to Opt-Out. This messages also get trigged periodically to ensure that users are aware how they can opt-out from your business
You can edit this content any time
Here you can see how you will be billed , template charges by default shows your country charges , you can download destination wise template charges by clicking the "Download Complete List"
List of Available Templates
This is the pre-approved list of available templates for the WhatsApp Shared number , which helps you to send message to a user after 24 hours session.
Review the details and click on "Configure Keyword" to submit the keyword for approval.
All branded keywords will get approved in 24 working hours, in case if there is any emergency please use the LIVE Chat to get priority. You will get an email alert when the keyword is approved / rejected.
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