You can see all the outgoing messages here in the report section, please note there is no delivery report available the same should be checked in your mobile device. But 4.3 app version onwards you can see whether the app has send the message or not but still not able to get the delivery report and read report from WhatsApp

This report section only ensure the message is successfully submitted to the picky assist servers from the Broadcaster or API, for checking the reports please open WhatsApp / SMS application in your phone.

From Bridge App 4.3 onwards we will have feature to see whether the message has been successfully sent or not.

We dont have any Read Report or Delivery Report for Phone Automation

You can filter the reports between dates as shown below

You can see the message details by clicking the "Details" as shown below

You can see the mobile number by clicking the "Detailed Report" as shown below

You can export the complete sent message to CSV file using the "Export" option as shown below


If you are using API you can cross check this report section whether the messages are successfully reaching our server or not, if you are able to see message here then it means the messages are accepted by our system successfully.

Bridge App 4.3 or Above - Delivery Reports

Those who are using bridge app 4.3 above can see more options under reports as shown below ;

Detailed On Screen View

You can see the detailed number wise report on screen by clicking "Detailed Report"

Search for a Particular Number

You can search for particular number , please make sure you input country code along with number while searching

Filter based on Status

Filter based on status by selecting the status, by default the system shows all status , filter helps to find out messages which are failed

Download Report

Download Report to CSV by clicking the Download button