Testing All Configurations βœ…

Its time now to test all configurations to ensure everything is working as it should be, below guide is for phone automation

Testing Incoming Messages

First we need to test whether the incoming messages to the whatsapp is handling by the picky assist bridge app correctly.

Step 1 - Sending Message

Send A WhatsApp message to your number which is connected with the picky assist bridge mobile app

Step 2 - Checking in Web Console

Now login into your Picky Assist Web Console and Select the Project from top left side menu then navigate to "Messages"

Webhook Incoming Message Testing

You can also make use of the Live Chat Feature to Check Incoming Messages

If the message sent by you appears here then we have passed the incoming test πŸ‘


Testing Outgoing Messages through Broadcaster

Broadcaster allows you to send outgoing messages to any whatsapp number, to test whether the outgoing messages are working fine then please follow the below steps

Step 1 - Compose Message

From the web console navigate to Broadcaster -> Compose and follow the on screen steps to send a message

Please enter the number along with the country code without + or 00

You can also make use of the Live Chat Feature to Send Outgoing messages quickly.


Step 2 - Check the Bridge App Phone

Within a few seconds the phone which is connected to the bridge mobile app will auto wake up , you can see the screen turns on automatically then it open whatsapp and send the message automatically

While sending a message don't click or touch the phone screen

If the message has been successfully sent from the phone and the receiver got the message then we have passed the outgoing message test πŸ‘


If the message got stuck somewhere or it's not clicking automatically then it means that the app is not configured correctly, please read the below guides once more and follow the instructions;