Phone Maintenance

Phone is hardware device so some maintenance need to carry out frequently to ensure smooth functioning of the phone which ensures the picky assist and whatsapp works smoothly in the phone.

Restart Phone Periodically

Based on your phone specification, performance and number of concurrent message etc you may need to restart the phone periodically for smooth functioning . Your Phone , Whatsapp Personal & Business apps are not designed to handle huge concurrent messages so it may stop responding sometimes and required a restart. If you are sending and receiving more than 500 messages in a day we recommend to restart the phone once in a week for best performance.

Latest Android OS supports Schedule Restarts when your phone is in idle for improved performance, please search “Auto Restart” in your device settings to locate the menu.

Delete WhatsApp Chats

We have observed that If the WhatsApp has more than 900 open chat contacts in the app, WhatsApp takes more time to open and close this may slow down sending messages using broadcast module. So we recommend to check and periodically delete the chats from WhatsApp. Dont worry all your subscribers details and conversations are available with Picky Assist Web Platform as per your plan. You can also back up WhatsApp to Google Drive.

Delete Contacts

When a message send or received we save the number into the contacts of your phone and further it gets synced to WhatsApp which will helps to blocking your whatsapp number , so if the total contact count exceeds 3,000 may slow down the message sending , so keep an eye and delete contacts periodically.

Use Auto Power Off Charger / Cable

Its not a good idea to keep the charger always connected to a phone which may leads to over charge your phone or produce more heat. You can either manually disconnect the charger when the phone is fully charged or use any auto power off charger / usb cables which costs less than $15

Check Disk Space

If you are sending and receiving too many media files then your disk space may get filled quickly , so check the free space periodically you can even check the Free Space from Picky Assist Web Console -> Settings -> Devices

Phoney Sync