Getting License Key

In order to activate the bridge app which required to automate WhatsApp, SMS & Call you need to get a license key, whenever you create a new project a license key is generated, you can copy the license key from

Settings -> Channels -> Phone Automation -> Device (Tab)

Just Click on the License key to Copy or Click the "Share It Via WhatsApp"

Now Open Bridge App & Activate Bridge App

Open bridge app and just copy and paste the license key then tap on "Validate & Configure" button

Changing Device

By default a license key can be activated only against a device at a time, so if you wish to change the device then you need to update the new device id under Settings -> Channels -> Phone Automation -> Device (Tab)

Find the Device ID of your New Device

Please install the latest version of bridge app in your new device then tap on the device id to copy

Updating New Device ID

When you have the new device id with you , just go to Settings -> Channels -> Phone Automation -> Devices (Tab)