Setting Up Live Chat

This feature is in depreciating mode and further development or product updates will not push for Live Chat Feature, request you to please use our New Teambox for more advanced features and Team Collaborations Capabilities. Read More​


Getting Start

Simply Click the "Live Chat (Alpha)" from the right side of your account after selecting the project , you will see the latest chat conversations as shown below ;

Reply to Chat

You can reply to a chat by selecting the contact from the left side then the chat conversation will load in the centre of the page as shown above
From the bottom of the conversation section you can type the reply and hit enter to send , on clicking the attachment icon you can upload and send media files as well
When you manually reply to a chat conversation from the Live Chat page "Smart Replies" of that particular user will automatically turned off for next 15 minutes in order to avoid duplicate reply sending from smart replies as well.
Smart reply will automatically turn off after 15 minutes if no manual replies are giving from Live Chat page. If you wish to manually turn it on then you can do it any time by clicking the "Profile" then Turn it On or Off the Smart Reply for that particular user as per your requirement.