General Info & FAQ

You can enable / disable WhatsApp Shared number anytime from the Settings -> WhatsApp Shared
Once it's disabled you will not able to send or receive any messages from the WhatsApp Shared Numbers.

User's who are opted out from the WhatsApp Shared number will be listed under Settings -> Black List -> Opt Out
You can also manually add a user into an Opt Out list by clicking the "Add Optout Number" button
If a User is opt-out then the user need to send a message with your keyword again to opt-in.

If you would like programatically send and receive WhatsApp messages , then you just need to change followings
Webhook please listen to application=<shared whatsapp number> like application=919737001155
Push API please pass application=<shared whatsapp number> like application=919737001155 Templates ID : To send message after 24 hours you needed a template id this can be copied from Settings -> WhatsApp Shared -> Popup

There are many keywords which are classified as premium keywords, if a keyword is premium then you have to pay extra charges from $5 to $500

By default you are allowed to send and receive messages only within 24 hours of last message received from a user, if you want to send message after 24 hours then you need to make use of our pre approved WhatsApp templates.
We have pre-approved ready to use templates for OTP, Invoices (PDF & Image), E-commerce Shipping Alerts, Appointment Confirmation, Ticket Updates, Feedbacks. Login to See List of Available Templates

Branded keyword setup charges are one time and you will not be billed monthly however you should have an active phone automation plan to configure a branded keyword.

No, you will be provided with a dedicated free interaction counts for a example if you are on a "Large" plan it offers 25,000 free interactions in a month so you will get 25,000 free interaction for the phone automation and WhatsApp Shared Number each i.e total 50,000 free interaction but both can't be clubbed together. Please note in "Unlimited" plan free whatsapp shared number interaction is limited to 50,000 in a month

Irrespective of your plan you will be billed for all template messages based on the destination country, please refer the country wise template message charges i.e no free messaging quota available for template messages and your account should have enough balance to send templated messages.

Signature works and append to the message only if one user is interacting with multiple keywords through a Single WhatsApp Shared number , for an example lets consider 2 business have following keywords and both of them are selling "mobile phones" #galaxy #myphones
User #galaxy whats the price of iphone 6 32 gb ? It costs you $499 Do you have red color is stock ? Sorry we dont have red color in stock as of now.
#myphones do you have iphone 6 32 gb red color in stock ? Yes, we have iphone 32 red color in stock and it costs you $499
Now let's assume after few hours #galaxy business got the stock for red iphone 6 and sends the below message to the user Hey, Just now new stock arrived for Iphone 6 Red and it costs you $429. Here the WhatsApp Shared number context is set to the #myphones business which the user interacted last so the system will append the signature at the end of the message so that the end user can identify the message came from #galaxy business , so the user will see the message as below
Hey, Just now new stock arrived for Iphone 6 Red and it costs you $429. Send by Galaxy Mobiles to reply send #galaxy followed by your message or Click the link
The signature will append only if the existing context is not available to your business.

User's can opt-out from a WhatsApp Shared number by simply sending #<your-keyword> <space>STOP like #picky stop and users will be opt-out from the WhatsApp Shared Number.
You can see all opt-out users under Settings->Black List->Opt-Out

Yes, you can manually opt-out a user by adding the mobile number along with country code without + or 0 , Settings -> Black List ->Opt-Out->Add Optout Number button
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