Missed Call
Missed Call is a very popular service in India and few other countries where the end users are request to place a missed call for availing different informations like balance alert , register a call back , raising a support ticket , lead generation, mobile number verification etc
With Picky Assist you can convert your existing whatsapp number or any mobile number into a missed call number and engage customers

Enable Missed Call

If you wish to activate missed call then you need to enable it in your picky assist bridge app as shown below;
Enabling missed call will reject all incoming calls within the time specified by you in the bridge mobile app

Configuring Missed Call Actions

Go to Settings -> Channels -> Call and click a popup will appear on screen where you can configure different actions for incoming calls
Setting Action

Sending SMS & WhatsApp As Reply Message

When a new call come you can reject the call and give a response message back via SMS / WhatsApp Personal / WhatsApp Business

Missed Call –Instant Call Back

When a new call comes to your number you can reject and configure instant call back to the customer by configuring an agent number. If you configure call back here then all incoming calls will be rejected and queued for call back
We call back using your mobile phone call conference service so make sure the service is active and if any call conference or calls are already in progress then we will queue the call back request and the app makes the call as soon the current call conference / click 2 call ends.

Instant Call Back Using Smart Replies

You can offer instant call back when someone chatting through SMS / WhatsApp , configure call back conditions based on keywords in smart replies like call me, help, connect to customer care etc.
You can specify from which project the call should be triggered and the agent number must be mentioned along with country code without + or 0 , an option agent name can also specify for your internal references;