Guidelines to Agencies for sending mass messages via WhatsApp
Everyday we are getting many email and chats from digital marketing agencies and other marketing companies seeking the possibilities for sending mass messages through WhatsApp. The below guidelines would helpful for setting up right infrastructure as per the requirements;

Figure out the requirements

The very first step is to figure out how many messages you want to broadcast in a month , lets take an example of 1 million messages in a month
1 million messages in a month means per day have to send 33,000 messages
From one device in a minute you can send upto 10 messages (recommended to avoid quick blocking) i.e 600 messages in an hour , if you use 12 hours (recommended to avoid quick blocking) to send then you can handle 7,200 messages from a device in a day, you can install WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Personal in a device under same license so in a device you can scale up to 14,000 messages in a day
Now add more device to scale up the infrastructure , if you add 2 more device with 4 numbers then you can send 28,000 more messages i.e 42,000 messages in a day.
In simple 3 device with 6 numbers you can send 42,000 messages in a day and 1.26 million messages in a month.
To scale up simply add more devices into your account by creating more projects.
Please dont clone WhatsApp application as Picky Assist wont work with cloned WhatsApp

Virtual Android Devices

If you are unable to get physically android devices then you can explore the options for a virtual android devices , Virtual Android devices are similar to real android device which runs on computer / server using Virtualisation technologies, there are many open source and managed service available ; (To download Android Source, we recommend Android 6.0 for optimised performance, if you are using Virtual Box ( you can download Android Image file and can just map into the Virtual Box)โ€‹โ€‹
โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ The above installation required help from a professional server admin or software engineer who are familiar with Virtualisation, Server Management, OS Installation and Maintenance.

Picky Assist also provides Managed Virtual Android Device Starting from $25 per month, please keep touch with [email protected] for getting more details.

Deploy Auto Reply / Smart Replies

If the WhatsApp users are engaging with your message then number blocking chances are very less, so always configure smart replies / auto reply.

Give Option to Unsubscribe

If you can include an option to unsubscribe from your list like a keyword to โ€œStopโ€, โ€œUnsubโ€ etc then spam reports by the WhatsApp user can be reduced to some extend.

Avoid Too Many Messages

Dont bombard the WhatsApp user with lot many messages in a very short span, highly recommend to send 2-3 messages in a week until the user is not opted to receive regular messages.

Arrange Numbers / Channels

Depends on your sending patterns and spam reports by the WhatsApp Users your number may get blocks, so you should always have enough numbers with you to replace the blocked number. If you reduce the sending span from 12 hours to 4 hours in a day with limited number of unique contacts then you will able to use the number for long period.
In many countries WhatsApp business supports configuring Landline as WhatsApp numbers. So please explore that option also โ€“ Instead of SMS Verficaiton can use Call Verficaiton for activating Landlines numbers with WhatsApp
You can also buy numbers from 180+ Countries from the below websites;
Virtual Number in US & Canada : https://www.2ndline.coโ€‹
All the numbers which are selling by the above providers may not able to activate with WhatsApp as WhatsApp blocks certain number series offered by these players, so before making a purchase please make sure the number is acceptable by WhatsApp

Warm Up Numbers / Channels

After activating a number on WhatsApp if you start suddenly sending bulk messages then you will be banned in few hours, so we highly recommend to slowly start sending messages from newly activated WhatsApp numbers
For first few weeks dont send more than 30 messages in a day to unique contacts.
Create Groups in your WhatsApp Number with few members and post messages frequently.
Encourage WhatsApp users to reply to your message

Use our Load Balancer Effectively

If you are managing all your numbers from a single account and sending messages through our web console (Broadcaster) then you can balance the message load across all the projects by selecting multiple projects from the Broadcast section.
You can upload excel or csv files and we will distribute the numbers equally among all the selected project and messages will be queued in the targeted phones.

Sending Speed

We always recommend to keep 10 to 15 seconds sending delay between each message in order to minimise the chances of getting blocked. You can configure the same from your picky assist bridge mobile application.

WhatsApp Number Filter

Currently we dont support filtering whatsapp numbers , so if you are not sure about your database then we highly recommend to use any 3rd party whatsapp filters. By filtering number sending speed will increase.

Disadvantages of Desktop Based Softwares

You might be very much familiar with many desktop based software for sending bulk WhatsApp messages .Majority of them are based on the whatsapp web automation technologies i.e you need to pair your phone with to start using and required a computer to use.
The main disadvantage of the desktop software is the blocking chances are very high because of the below reasons ;
  1. 1.
    Numbers are not syncing with the whatsapp before sending.
  2. 2.
    Computer & Phone should be connected to send messages
  3. 3.
    High Sending Speed so blocking chances are high
  4. 4.
    WhatsApp monitors the excess requests from WhatsApp Web
  5. 5.
    Not able to capture the reply messages and engage customers

Handling Number Ban

If your number is banned then the very first step is to contact WhatsApp by following the instructions on your WhatsApp. Depends on the reason WhatsApp may lift the ban after few days or may ban your number forever.
Read our Best practice guide to avoid blockingโ€‹

Customised Solution

If our standard solution doesnโ€™t fit your requirements then we offer customised solution as per your requirements. Please send your requirements to [email protected] or Call +1 (302) 644-5173.

We dont have any association with WhatsApp or Facebook and dont have any control over their blocking algorithms and discretions. We are not responsible if your number gets blocked / banned by WhatsApp.